Update from the White Flint Implementation Committee

Update from the White Flint Implementation Committee

The White Flint Implementation Committee will not meet for this month. Below are several implementation updates for you.

Recent Planning Board Approval: VOB-Nissan (Sketch Plan/Preliminary Plan)

Under Review: Wilgus Sketch Plan

Under Construction: Pike & Rose Office Building and Arrowwood at North Bethesda Center/LCOR

Staging Allocation Request (SAR): The Board is scheduled to approved a new staging allocation for Offutt Estates (at the end of Hillery Way) for 5 residential units on June 20. This is a small townhouse development.

Western Workaround: A pedestrian path has been installed through the Nissan property (opposite Pike & Rose on Old Georgetown Road) that links the Banneker Street (formerly Market Street) to Old Georgetown Road and Grand Park Avenue. Utility relocation (Pepco and others) is expected to continue through the summer-early Fall.

Bikeways: MCDOT is continuing to work on the Marinelli Road and Executive Boulevard protected bikeways.

Walter Johnson School Cluster: On Thursday, June 20th, the Planning Board will review the Annual Schools test for MCPS clusters, including the Walter Johnson Cluster. The annual school test determines if new residential subdivisions in any school cluster service area or individual school service area should be subject to a moratorium, based on the estimated utilization of school facilities.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): MCDOT is hosting a BRT open house on Thursday, June 27, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, at the B-CC Regional Services Center, 4805 Edgemoor Lane (Wisconsin Multipurpose Room).

July Meeting: Next month, July 8, MCDOT MD 355 BRT project staff (Darcy Buckley or Corey Pitts) will provide the WF Committee with an update on the MD 355 BRT project.

Amy Ginsburg



Deborah Palazzo

Is there any pending development for the White Flint Mall property now that Amazon is not interested? Would like to know how long we can expect this to remain empty.


    Amy Ginsburg

    As far as I know, no development is planned for that site in the near future. Sorry – not the answer you’re looking for.
    Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

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