The Future of the Pike District

The Future of the Pike District

From Councilmember Andrew Friedson

The Pike District, which encompasses the area surrounding the White Flint Metro, provides one of Montgomery County’s greatest opportunities for transit-oriented smart growth and economic expansion. I’m proud to represent this area and am committed to fulfilling the vision of our master plans for a vibrant, livable, walkable, mixed-use community.

Last week, I hosted a meeting of nearly 40 Pike District residents, property owners, marketing experts, planners, and other stakeholders to discuss how we best move the area forward. As we discussed ongoing marketing and placemaking efforts in the Pike District, it was clear that everyone at the table remains committed to the success of this area. I’m excited about our shared goals of attracting the type of business activity and quality of life that will allow us to create the place we all want the Pike District to become.

Key to that effort is Montgomery County fulfilling its end of the bargain in providing promised infrastructure, particularly when it comes to transportation. I continue to push for a second entrance to the White Flint Metro and ensure continued progress on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) planned for Rockville Pike. Earlier this week, I was proud to support a supplemental appropriation that will allow the County to begin preliminary engineering on that BRT project, which is necessary for the mobility and economic vibrancy of the Pike District and the entire County. The “western workaround” road project, which will help us achieve the type of road network called for in the White Flint Master Plan, continues to progress, and the county stands prepared to move forward with improvements to Wall Park as soon as the adjacent redevelopment gets underway. Residents are already enjoying some of the new bikeways installed in the area and planning and design for the new fire station near Montrose Road has been funded.

Partnering with the private sector is key to our County’s success. I will continue to advocate for needed public infrastructure so we can realize our economic development potential.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Friends of White Flint was an active participant in this meeting.

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