Potential good news about the intersection of the Trolley Trail and Tuckerman

Potential good news about the intersection of the Trolley Trail and Tuckerman

Councilmember Andrew Friedson has requested that MCDOT Traffic Engineering and Operations evaluate safety upgrades including a pedestrian-activated HAWK signal that goes full red, at the intersection of the Trolley Trail and Tuckerman Lane. You may recall that a pedestrian tragically died at this intersection last month.

Councilmember Friedson also asked MCDOT to investigate any other safety improvements along the Tuckerman corridor. MCDOT Engineer Vincent Subramaniam confirmed they will start evaluating it, which typically takes sixty days before they present findings and recommendations.

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Thank you for providing this follow-up information. I am an irregular user of this crossing, but it has always made me nervous. Between the speed of the cars, the curve of the road, and the nature of that signal/light, it has always seemed very precarious for crossing Tuckerman. One of the concerns for me is that you cannot see the lights flashing. Instead, they are positioned so that the pedestrian/cyclist can only see the back of them. Therefore, one must trust that the voice saying “lights are flashing” is correct. I’m not sure what a deaf individual is supposed to rely on.

Until there are changes, perhaps we can get additional information about the current status? It seems that the light is no longer connected to the push button. Instead, there is a motion sensor. Can you find out if this is correct? When I used the crossing on Thursday (8/1), I did not see any message/sign at the crossing that the push button no longer functions. Also, I’m not sure the sensor was functioning on the south side.

Your reporting is greatly appreciated.

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