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Update on Marinelli Bike Lanes

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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We have made some changes to the Marinelli Road Separated Bike Lanes design after meeting with Park & Planning and WMATA. We are eliminating the metered parking on the south side from Citadel to Nebel to improve the design. This will allow for more space in the bike lane, buffer and travel lane. Also, this allows us to add a floating drop off (8’ wide concrete platform between the bike lane and travel lane for Metro Access to drop off and deploy their handicap ramp) at St. Coletta of Greater Washington which provides for better protection to cyclists than the original design with just pavement markings.

These revisions have not been completed by our design engineer, and we need to still vet it through MCDOT Transit and WMATA. We hope to submit the revised plans to MCDOT Transit and WMATA next week and once we receive their okay, we can set up our pre-construction meeting with our contractor. We are anticipating a construction start date of October 1, 2019.

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