With Focus on Schools, Montgomery Planning Launches Update of Subdivision Staging Policy

With Focus on Schools, Montgomery Planning Launches Update of Subdivision Staging Policy

The Montgomery County Planning Department is updating the county’s Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP) to ensure the County’s public facilities, particularly its school and transportation systems, keep pace with development and growth patterns. An overview of the SSP and the 2020 update process was presented to the Planning Board on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

As part of the SSP update, Montgomery Planning staff invites community members to apply to serve on the Schools Technical Advisory Team (STAT) and attend the SSP Community Workshop on October 7 at 7 p.m. at the Silver Spring Civic Building.
RSVP for the October 7 Community Workshop meeting
Apply to the STAT

“The update to the Subdivision Staging Policy is one of our most important initiatives,” says Planning Director Gwen Wright. “This effort happens every four years and lays the groundwork for how our county can grow and thrive.”

The policy is reviewed every four years and, in a presentation to the county Planning Board Thursday, officials said they are focusing heavily on how the policy pertains to school capacity.

Under the current SSP, schools that have enrollments exceeding 120% of their capacity are subject to a moratorium. The moratorium means no residential development projects can be approved in the school’s service area for at least one year, or until a solution is determined to alleviate the school’s crowding issues. There are currently 13 schools and four school clusters in moratorium, which began July 1.

The SSP may seem like government nerd-heaven, but it’s actually an important policy document for our county that affects the redevelopment of the White Flint/Pike District area. As you probably know, our area is in moratorium due to the SSP and overcrowding in the Walter Johnson cluster. We urge you to stay up-to-date and offer your input on the SSP.

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