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More on Woodward

From Bethesda Beat

At a meeting on Monday, staff members showed updated plans for the roughly $120 million project that will serve about 2,700 students.

The new plans show two phases of construction. The first will include renovating the building for use as a temporary school for Northwood High School students from 2023 to 2025 as Northwood undergoes an extensive renovation. Then, in 2025, Woodward will reopen as a new MCPS high school, complete with athletic facilities.

The square building has a large central courtyard, to be used for performances, teaching and casual activities. Staff members are considering dividing the courtyard area into smaller sections, possibly including an amphitheater, a terrace and seating.

The school, proposed to include a performing arts magnet program, has arts space on all three floors.

Many of the classroom spaces will be “flexible,” with movable walls to create classrooms that “respond to the school’s needs.”

Read the rest of the article on Bethesda Beat.

News about Woodward HS

On Friday, October 25th, MCPS superintendent Jack Smith released his Recommended FY 2021 Capital Budget and the FY 2021-2026 Capital Improvements Program. Included in his recommendations: re-opening of Woodward High School by 2025.

Learn more about the plans for the CHARLES W. WOODWARD HIGH SCHOOL REOPENING PROJECT by clicking here. There is talk that Woodward will have an arts magnet program and serve as an overflow school for the overcapacity Walter Johnson. But first, Northwood High School will use Woodward as its holding school during its renovation.

Go Nats!

Yes, you’re right; this post has little to do with White Flint. But it’s the freaking World Series so I’m taking liberties today. For the two people in Montgomery County who are unaware, the Nats lead the World Series 2 – 0 in a best of 7 series. The next three games will be played at home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The last time the World Series was played in DC was 1933.

If you don’t have tix to the game, lots of bars are having watch parties all weekend long. The City of Rockville is setting up screens as is the Capitol Riverfront BID.

Join the Nats as they Finish the Fight. Go Nats!

Would you like to nominate yourself to serve on the board?

Friends of White Flint is taking nominations for board membership. We have the following positions open (though some board members may be hoping to be re-elected.)

  • Three business member openings
  • Two resident member openings
  • One property owner opening

To apply, please complete the form below and email it to (Feel free to cut and paste it into a word document.) If you have questions or need additional information, email

2019 Board Nomination Form

Please write legibly. All statements will be made available to the public.





Class:            Resident         Business     Property Owner

By my signature below, I certify the following: I wish to be nominated for this position, I understand my responsibilities as a Director, including full participation in Friends of White Flint governance activities throughout my term in office, and I will fulfill those responsibilities.  I am (or represent) a member in good standing and will maintain that good standing throughout my term in office.  I understand that nomination does not guarantee placement on the ballot of election to the Board, and that all Board election decisions of the Friends of White Flint are discretionary and final.

Signature of Nominee:                                                             Date:

Please submit a short statement of qualifications and interests, including your prior participation in FOWF and the White Flint Sector development process.  Forms must be sent to DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Tuesday, November 12,2018, 5 pm.

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Workout

From the Pike District monthly e-blast called The Scoop, which focuses on North Bethesda’s Urban Core

While everyone is adding pumpkin spice to everything this Fall, you can spice up your fall workout by trying a new gym, a new class or finding a new motivation to get active. 

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202STRONG 12077 Nebel Street

Dumbells, barbells and kettlebells…oh my! This group fitness class uses weights and cardio to give you a total body workout. Described as less extreme than CrossFit, 202Strong will have you hitting the weights and feeling the results. Insider tip: You can work in a workout during lunch here because they have showers and products to have your “strong” contained to your muscles and not your smell. 
$79 buys you unlimited classes your first month. READ MORE

CLUB PILATES 5544 Randolph Road

If you haven’t given reformer fusion pilates a try, now’s your chance. You can join this month for just $9 and you can try your first class free. The reformer might look like a medieval torture device at first glance but it actually a great tool to build flexibility, muscle tone and core strength. Club Pilates gives you the opportunity to go to other classes nationwide for travelers or commuters. READ MORE

FIT4MOM Pike and Rose

Perfect for the mom or mom-to-be, FIT4MOM meets at Rose Park at 10 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre classes.  They begin with a warm up before traveling the center and incorporating strength, cardio & flexibility through their branded Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides workouts. How’s that for double duty! Speaking of doodie, no worries about fussy babies or taking time out to take care of that diaper, the class is set up so that moms can get their workout and keep their baby entertained. After class there are structured playgroups for the kids and social time for moms. Your first class is always free. READ MORE


Strap on a deep-water belt and try out this cardiovascular exercise with no weight-bearing stress. If you think working out without weights is easy, try water resistance. Great for cross-training or rehabilitating a lingering injury. You can buy deep water belts at the pool for $20.  READ MORE

Subdivision Staging Policy — a wonky name but an important policy

The Montgomery County Planning Department is kicking off efforts for the next update to the Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP), which is scheduled to be reviewed and approved by the County Council by November 2020. The current SSP is the reason for the moratorium on new construction in the Walter Johnson cluster. (Well, technically the reason is that WJ is at 120% of capacity, but that test was set by the current SSP.)


The purpose of the Subdivision Staging Policy is to establish a process that can give guidance on matters concerning land use development, growth management, and related issues. It includes guidelines for the Planning Board and other agencies in administering laws and regulations that affect the adequacy and timing of public facilities needed to support growth and development, and is to be adopted by the Council every four years.

The Subdivision Staging Policy is the tool by which the County ensures its essential public facilities, particularly schools and transportation systems, keep pace with development. It tests the County’s infrastructure for adequacy based on projected capacity, growth, and future development. The policy is updated every four years to ensure that the tools used for evaluating the impact of development on essential public facilities, such as a delay-based transportation test or student generation rates, reflect the latest growth patterns of the County.

Previous SSP

.You can read a short chart here to see how the 2016 SSP compared with the 2012 SSP to get an idea of some of the changes that are possible.

More info

Click this Montgomery Planning Department page to watch videos on the SSP, sign up for the SPP newsletter, get more info, and share your thoughts about the SSP.

MCDOT seeking input on “project design, procurement, and financing” for BRT

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has released a Request for Information (RFI) to gather knowledge in best practices, emerging technologies and innovative opportunities for implementing a cost-effective Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service along MD 355 from Bethesda to Clarksburg.

FLASH, the BRT system in development in Montgomery County, will greatly increase high-quality transit service to the County’s most densely developed corridors and areas of planned growth. With the first corridor currently under construction on US 29 between Silver Spring and Burtonsville, seven additional corridors totaling over 100 miles have been identified for BRT in the Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan.

An Alternatives Study for the MD 355 BRT project was recently completed. MCDOT is leading the effort to better understand the opportunities associated with implementing a BRT system and would like to explore methods of project design, procurement, and financing. The Department is seeking input from firms with experience in innovative project delivery, including private financial participation, novel design, construction, and operating strategies for BRT. MCDOT would also like to gauge interest from industry on the market availability of these services. The considerations and questions included in the RFI cover a broad range of topics to maximize MCDOT’s understanding of the existing and emerging technology of state-of-the-art BRT systems, and approaches to implementing, operating, maintaining, and financing the system. Firms considering replying need not respond to all subjects included in the RFI.

More information on the MD 355 BRT Planning Study can be found at:

What you missed at the Implementation Committee meeting when you were watching the first 3 innings of the Nats game.

Nkosi Yearwood of the Planning Department discussed the Biennial Monitoring Report. Committee members suggested that they ought to have a more thorough discussion for future reports so committee viewpoints can more easily be included.

The re-opening of Woodward High School was discussed. Abbe Millstein of Luxmanor mentioned that there is quite a lot of discussion at MCPS about Woodward. After the new Tilden is open and the students move from the Woodward building to the new Tilden Middle School, it appears Woodward is going to be a holding school for Northwood. While at first Woodward was supposed to then open as a community high school to address overcrowding at Walter Johnson, there appears to be talk of creating an art-magnet school that would not be an overflow community school. This is all complicated by the boundary study being done by MCPS which, according to Abbe Millstein, could eliminate traditional school boundaries.

Pete Fosselman, the White Flint Coordinator, mentioned that the County is looking at whether it makes sense to merge the White Flint Downtown Advisory and Implementation Committees.

Pete also said the Pike District branding campaign is looking at creating an event space on the WMATA land by the White Flint metro that would be 300′ by 100′.

Dan Sheridan of MCDOT said that things are progressing on the Western Workaround with major utility and storm drainage work ready to begin. In 2020, Executive Blvd should be extended to Grand Park Avenue. Dan said the Western Workaround is pretty much on schedule with completion anticipated in 2022.