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What you missed at the Implementation Committee meeting when you were watching the first 3 innings of the Nats game.

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Nkosi Yearwood of the Planning Department discussed the Biennial Monitoring Report. Committee members suggested that they ought to have a more thorough discussion for future reports so committee viewpoints can more easily be included.

The re-opening of Woodward High School was discussed. Abbe Millstein of Luxmanor mentioned that there is quite a lot of discussion at MCPS about Woodward. After the new Tilden is open and the students move from the Woodward building to the new Tilden Middle School, it appears Woodward is going to be a holding school for Northwood. While at first Woodward was supposed to then open as a community high school to address overcrowding at Walter Johnson, there appears to be talk of creating an art-magnet school that would not be an overflow community school. This is all complicated by the boundary study being done by MCPS which, according to Abbe Millstein, could eliminate traditional school boundaries.

Pete Fosselman, the White Flint Coordinator, mentioned that the County is looking at whether it makes sense to merge the White Flint Downtown Advisory and Implementation Committees.

Pete also said the Pike District branding campaign is looking at creating an event space on the WMATA land by the White Flint metro that would be 300′ by 100′.

Dan Sheridan of MCDOT said that things are progressing on the Western Workaround with major utility and storm drainage work ready to begin. In 2020, Executive Blvd should be extended to Grand Park Avenue. Dan said the Western Workaround is pretty much on schedule with completion anticipated in 2022.

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