Subdivision Staging Policy — a wonky name but an important policy

Subdivision Staging Policy — a wonky name but an important policy

The Montgomery County Planning Department is kicking off efforts for the next update to the Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP), which is scheduled to be reviewed and approved by the County Council by November 2020. The current SSP is the reason for the moratorium on new construction in the Walter Johnson cluster. (Well, technically the reason is that WJ is at 120% of capacity, but that test was set by the current SSP.)


The purpose of the Subdivision Staging Policy is to establish a process that can give guidance on matters concerning land use development, growth management, and related issues. It includes guidelines for the Planning Board and other agencies in administering laws and regulations that affect the adequacy and timing of public facilities needed to support growth and development, and is to be adopted by the Council every four years.

The Subdivision Staging Policy is the tool by which the County ensures its essential public facilities, particularly schools and transportation systems, keep pace with development. It tests the County’s infrastructure for adequacy based on projected capacity, growth, and future development. The policy is updated every four years to ensure that the tools used for evaluating the impact of development on essential public facilities, such as a delay-based transportation test or student generation rates, reflect the latest growth patterns of the County.

Previous SSP

.You can read a short chart here to see how the 2016 SSP compared with the 2012 SSP to get an idea of some of the changes that are possible.

More info

Click this Montgomery Planning Department page to watch videos on the SSP, sign up for the SPP newsletter, get more info, and share your thoughts about the SSP.

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