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Montgomery planners will survey every street to see how safe they are for pedestrians

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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From Greater Greater Washington

Earlier this fall, Montgomery County started to develop a Pedestrian Master Plan, which would provide a roadmap to improve safety and comfort for those getting around the county on foot or in wheelchairs, strollers, tricycles, or training bikes—that is, our most vulnerable road users. The next step is for county employees to survey every road and street in the county to take an inventory of pedestrian safety.

GGW wrote previously about the county’s #walkinghere campaign, which encourages residents to share the conditions of their walking trips on social media. Now county staff are documenting pedestrian experience throughout the county. They’re starting with major commercial areas, You can follow the progress of the map here.

How comfortable are these roads?

Pedestrian pathways and intersections are being evaluated on a series of metrics: width of path, width of buffer from cars, traffic speed, lanes of traffic to cross, crosswalk markings, and presence of refuge islands.

Read the rest of the article at Greater Greater Washington.

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