Hank Dietle’s Owners Targeting Spring for Reopening

Hank Dietle’s Owners Targeting Spring for Reopening

From Bethesda Beat

The new owners of Hank Dietle’s Tavern in North Bethesda are targeting the spring for a possible reopening of the popular dive bar, which closed following a massive fire in February 2018.

The owners say that they don’t have a definite opening date yet, but when the bar reopens, it will feature a greater variety of live music, and bands booked on more days of the week.

The new owners include Thomas Bowes; his wife, Sarah Bonner; and photographer Alan Kresse. They announced on Facebook on Wednesday that they had signed a general contractor to finish work on the property and that there would soon be a fundraiser concert.

Bowes said in an interview Wednesday that instead of only booking bands on weekends, as the bar used to do, they would book bands on multiple days during the week. He said new music genres could include bluegrass, Roots rock ‘n’ roll, blues, soul and rockabilly.

“We’re gonna continue as a music venue and we’re gonna add more types of music for a wider variety of fans,” he said.

Bowes added that they are looking at the possibility of putting in a stage.

When Dietle’s reopens, it will be garnished with a replica of the iconic “Hank Dietle’s Cold Beer” sign, accompanied by the Coca-Cola logo. The original sign was destroyed in the fire.

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