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Tell the County Executive to include funding for the 2nd Metro Entrance in his CIP

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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The County Executive’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is currently being developed and will be published by January 15, 2020. The CIP covers construction of all public buildings, roads, and other facilities planned by County public agencies over a six-year period. The County Council amends and approves the CIP budget by June 15.

The second entrance to the White Flint metro station is planned for the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Rockville Pike. Initial projections show that the second entrance will increase the number of passengers using the White Flint station by 50 percent over the next 25 years. It vastly increases the number of people and businesses that would be able to walk to metro (generally considered to be a half-mile around the entrance to a station.)

Will you please email County Executive Marc Elrich this week to ask him to include design and build funding for the second metro entrance in his recommended CIP budget?

You can email him at Please copy and and

Here’s some text you can use (although feel free to modify or add to it, of course.)

Your vision statement prioritizes easier commutes, a greener county, and a growing economy. The essential second entrance to the White Flint metro station will help alleviate traffic, improve sustainability, and attract businesses and residents to the White Flint area. Please include funding to design and build the second entrance to the White Flint metro station in the 2021 CIP so that the Pike District/White Flint neighborhood can fulfill the vision of the White Sector plan and transform into a vibrant, walkable, transit-oriented community. Thank you.

You can also communicate with the County Executive on Twitter — — or call him at 240-777-0311.

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