North Bethesda — Second Best Place to Live in Maryland

North Bethesda — Second Best Place to Live in Maryland

While it’s no surprise to us, Money Inc. named North Bethesda the second best place to live in Maryland. Our neighbor, Garrett Park is #3.

2. North Bethesda

The large Washington suburb of North Bethesda has the kind of stellar infrastructure, abundant range of recreational and leisure facilities, and excellent job market you’d expect of a place that supports 50,056 very happy residents. It also has a tiny poverty rate of 6.9%, an even smaller unemployment rate of 4.5%, and an average median income of a huge $103,194. As you’d expect, those kinds of benefits don’t come for free, with the average single-family home selling for just over $550,000, and the average rental property going for a huge $1,868 (almost twice the national average).

3. Garrett Park

Want to earn $173,889? If you answered with a resounding “yes”, you may want to consider a move to the tiny little suburb of Garrett Park. With just 1,020 residents, it might be one of the smallest additions to our list, but it’s punching far above its weight when it comes to things like schools, amenities, jobs, infrastructure, crime, and unemployment rates. As you’d expect of such a diminutive place, it’s also got a great sense of community… although whether having neighbors that say hello to you is worth the astronomical median home value of $810,000 is perhaps a question for another day.

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