2020 Subdivision Staging Policy Kick-off Summary

2020 Subdivision Staging Policy Kick-off Summary

About The Subdivision Staging Policy
The Subdivision Staging Policy is the tool by which the County ensures its essential public facilities, particularly schools and transportation systems, keep pace with development. It tests the County’s infrastructure for adequacy based on projected capacity, growth, and future development. The policy is updated every four years to ensure that the tools used for evaluating the impact of development on essential public facilities, such as a delay-based transportation test or student generation rates, reflect the latest growth patterns of the County.

A community workshop for the 2020 update to the Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP) was held on October 7 at the Silver Spring Civic Building. About 60 people attended this participatory event to provide guidance for determining the adequacy of public infrastructure, including schools and transportation facilities, to support new development in the county. Watch the video recap of the workshop below.

The event began with a presentation providing an overview of the SSP and growth trends in Montgomery County and then attendees were divided into small groups to discuss different aspects of the policy. Policy priorities, general issues, development moratoria, student generation rates, transportation infrastructure and other issues were topics of conversation throughout the event. Key takeaways from this and subsequent community conversations include:

  • Encourage more collaboration among communities, the Planning Department and Montgomery County Public Schools.
  • Evaluate and consider incorporating the impacts of neighborhood turnover in the SSP.
  • Target growth in activity centers near transit, including Metro stations, Purple Line light rail and bus rapid transit stops.
  • Share parking and facility resources among schools, community centers, office buildings, parks and senior facilities.
  • Incorporate Vision Zero safety concepts in the local area transportation review process.
  • Rethink moratoria on residential development and pursue alternatives that more effectively lead to the adequacy of school infrastructure.
  • Consider impacts of the SSP on other county priorities such as housing affordability.

The following video provides an overview of the Subdivision Staging Policy.

Share Your SSP Concerns and Priorities
We encourage you to give us your detailed thoughts on the SSP using the following online questionnaires. ( Additional opportunities for community input will be scheduled in the new year.)

SSP General Discussion Questions

SSP Schools Discussion Questions

SSP Transportation Discussion Questions

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