The Lord & Taylor lowdown

The Lord & Taylor lowdown

From Store Reporter

Lord & Taylorunder new ownership this fall, is closing its stores at Tysons Corner and Dulles Town Center just months after exiting Gaithersburg’s Lakeforest Mall. So what about the North Bethesda store, which stands alone at the site of the former White Flint Mall? Not to worry. A company spokesman assures us that the White Flint store will remain open, along with the one in Chevy Chase. If you happen to stop by, don’t miss the newly expanded second-floor clearance section with a smattering of designer bargains directly from Manhattan. Next year, we’re told, all Lord & Taylor stores will begin integrating merchandise from new owner Le Tote.

Amy Ginsburg




“Not to worry”

Noooooo. I thought you were about to say L&T is closing and redevelopment would finally move forward. :((((((( What an awful decade-long situation with no end in sight.


We don’t want the White Flint Lord and Taylor. Please close.


So are we supposed to be happy about that decision? Last Lord & Taylor standing?


So why do we have to keep them—after they ruined the White Flint redevelopment

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