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The long-awaited White Flint Metro Station North Entrance Feasibility Study Final Report

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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WMATA has released the long-awaited feasibility study for the northern entrance of the White Flint metro station. You can read the report here.

While we, and others in Montgomery County, pushed for a phased approach, ultimately WMATA recommended Hybrid Alternative 3 that has a rough cost estimate of $35 million Now, while that’s a lot of dollars, it isn’t nearly as expensive as many other metro station entrances.

The analyzed build alternative shows significant improvements to the evacuation performance of the existing station, both for the platform evacuation time and the evacuation time to a point of safety.

Of course, this entrance increases the walkshed around the station, making metro more accessible to businesses and residences and will hopefully spur redevelopment in the Pike District.

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