Montgomery County Activates Newest HAWK Beacon where the Trolley Trail crosses Tuckerman Lane

Montgomery County Activates Newest HAWK Beacon where the Trolley Trail crosses Tuckerman Lane

This past Monday, Montgomery County activated a new crosswalk beacon called a Hawk signal at the spot where the popular Bethesda Trolley Trail intersects with busy Tuckerman Lane. HAWK stands for high intensity activated crosswalk.

This is the fourth pedestrian beacon of its kind constructed by MCDOT in the County. HAWK beacons flash yellow when a pedestrian presses the signal button, then turn solid yellow and finally red to stop oncoming motorized vehicles; pedestrians are then given a walk signal.  The newest HAWK beacon was installed following a fatal collision involving 31-year-old Jennifer DiMauro at Tuckerman Lane and the Bethesda Trolley Trail crossing. 

“As part of our ongoing effort to improve pedestrian safety, we are committed to pursuing many types of treatments that are relevant to specific road crossings,” said MCDOT Director Chris Conklin. “We have confidence in the effectiveness of the HAWK beacons and will continue to examine areas across the County where they will increase safe crossings as part of the County’s Vision Zero strategy.”

Read more at WJLA-TV.

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Amy Ginsburg




The problem with this is that dozens of people do NOT press the button and never did…they just cross when they want to cross ….and never activate the lights….even with the previous system which activated a light, I use this road many times a day and rarely saw anyone stop to activate a light that would keeo them safe crossing. They just wait for traffic to slow down and go.

Bill Smith

But it requires the pedestrian to press the button and WAIT. Pedestrian needs to assume responsibility. Accidents are not always the fault of the nasty automobile and driver.

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