Last chance to support Friends of White Flint in 2019

Last chance to support Friends of White Flint in 2019

Ten percent of all charitable giving occurs in the last three days of the year. Can we count on you to make a contribution to Friends of White Flint during the last hours of 2019?

Quite simply, we exist because people like you make generous donations to our organization. No money, no mission. No money, no advocacy. No money, no blog, e-newsletter, or social media. No money, no new crosswalks or extra time to cross Route 355.

Will you please make a contribution today to support Friends of White Flint and your community? You can easily and securely make a donation to Friends of White Flint by clicking here. Every gift, large or small, makes a tremendous difference. 

With your generous financial support, Friends of White Flint will continue to be the effective, efficient organization our community needs. Please donate today.

If you’d like to go old-school and contribute via check, you can mail your contribution to: Friends of White Flint PO Box 2761 White Flint Station Kensington, MD  20891

With your help and support, this year Friends of White Flint has:

  • kept the community informed about everything happening in the Pike District/White Flint area
  • persuaded SHA to repaint crosswalks along Route 355 and install missing crosswalks
  • advocated for a second metro entrance at White Flint metro station
  • worked closely with the County Executive’s office and County Council to keep the needs of the White Flint/Pike District community front and center
  • continued to advocate for the elimination of slip lanes/hot rights, improved lighting, elimination of right-turn-on-red at Marinelli/Route 355, and other pedestrian improvements
  • convinced MCEDC and other county institutions to use the name Pike District to begin branding this area
  • led the continuing quest to change the name of the White Flint metro station to North Bethesda-Pike District
  • provided feedback on the White Flint 2 design guidelines
  • held a Pothole Patrol and then shared that information with the County
  • advocated against the building moratorium in the Walter Johnson cluster
  • helped to define the official boundaries of the Pike District
  • held placemaking events including the Pike District Promenade and a shredding event
  • provided information to various media outlets about the Pike District and vision zero
  • held community meetings about the proposed monorail and other topics
  • gave presentations to various community groups and civic associations about the White Flint/Pike District area

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