Councilmember Riemer’s 5 Point Plan to Power Up Montgomery County’s Economy Features White Flint

Councilmember Riemer’s 5 Point Plan to Power Up Montgomery County’s Economy Features White Flint

We’re delighted that Councilmember Riemer put economic development in the White Flint/Pike District/North Bethesda area as one of his top priorities! Below is the the part of his plan about North Bethesda.

2. North Bethesda Economic Development

Our County has an expansive vision for an urban corridor up and down Rockville Pike. But you wouldn’t know it from what you see on the street there, as the road hasn’t changed much from its suburban highway imprint. That mismatch between our vision and reality is holding us back.

In North Bethesda, large employers are making investments in new office markets and vibrant communities. We can support them by enhancing Metro stations and rebuilding Rockville Pike to become a walkable, transit-oriented community.

Let’s start by building a new entrance to the White Flint metro. That has been a big battle for two consecutive capital budgets. Alongside Councilmember Andrew Friedson, I am a strong supporter of the project as well as remaking the intersections in that area so that they are safe and walkable.

With that in motion we also need to add add street furniture and art and design and actually create the vision that we are trying to market. North Bethesda can become a thriving urban center.

We have a lot to do to make North Bethesda into the dynamic office market that we have envisioned it to be to support our future growth. Let’s get going.

Amy Ginsburg


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Are you kidding? The major employers are all moving to NoVA. which has a supportive Business environment. Have you been to Tyson’s, the 66 corridor, Loudon County? I didn’t even mention AMAZON yet!! And you believe sidewalk/intersection and metro entrance enhancements are priorities?

Spend the money on incentives for MAJOR employers to BOTH stay and relo to Montgomery County. Eliminate and reduce the bureaucratic red-tape for new development, reduce taxes, control spending! I foresee MoCo becoming more like SFO and LaLa land everyday. It’s not pretty.

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