The County Executive’s CIP Budget

The County Executive’s CIP Budget

Yesterday, the County Executive released his proposed capital budget, called the CIP or Capital Improvements Program budget. In the North Bethesda area, there are 19 projects totaling $458 million. That said, many of the projects have no funding. You can learn more by clicking here.

We’re happy there are funds for the White Flint fire station and the Western Workaround but very disappointed the County Executive recommended no funds for a second metro entrance. The second metro entrance is essential for kick-starting development and attracting businesses and residents.

Last year, the County Executive did not include funding for the northern metro entrance but the County Council put funding into the CIP. We hope the council will do the same again this year.

Location of CIP Projects in North Bethesda

You can read more at The Washington Post article, Elrich says he is committed to schools and housing. Critics say his capital budget suggests otherwise.

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