Metro asks riders for input on proposed modifications to the expansion of the Grosvenor-Strathmore parking garage

Metro asks riders for input on proposed modifications to the expansion of the Grosvenor-Strathmore parking garage

Metro is proposing modifications to a planned garage expansion that would impact customer parking at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Station. The options include moving forward with a planned addition, canceling future construction or delaying the decision until an evaluation is completed.

The garage expansion is part of a joint development at Grosvenor-Strathmore that would eliminate a surface parking lot. Construction is underway on Phase 1 to replace approximately 52 percent of the surface parking. The project, approved by the Metro Board of Directors, would replace the remaining spaces during Phase 2 of the garage expansion.

Due to the cost of the Phase 2 addition, the availability of parking at other nearby Metrorail stations, and the expected disruption to the Kiss & Ride and Arts Walk during construction, Metro is considering multiple options:

  • Complete the planned construction of the Phase 2 garage expansion.
  • Cancel the construction of the Phase 2 garage expansion, reducing the number of on-site parking spaces at Grosvenor-Strathmore Station by approximately 194 spaces.
  • Wait to make a decision about completing or canceling the construction of the Phase 2 garage expansion until after the Phase 1 garage expansion is fully operational in late 2020 and a full parking demand evaluation completed.

Metro encourages customers to provide feedback by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, 2020:

Provide your written comments at

Attend an Open House at 6:00 p.m., followed by a Public Hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Monday March 30, 2020, at:
The Mansion at Strathmore
10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852

Amy Ginsburg



Susan Gillespie

Let the parking spaces go. The entire development is overly ambitious. People should not drive to the Metro.

Frank Thomas

As a 50 year resident of the area and commuter since the station opened, I hate the idea of losing more spaces – there are many of us who can’t easily get to the Grosvenor station via Ride On bus – especially during off hours. It’s hard enough to find parking there as it is – losing close to 200 spaces (more actually, because construction workers always manage to take up a good number) would be a hardship – and certainly a pain during Strathmore events.

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