Advancing the Pike District

Advancing the Pike District

The Planning Department is starting an assessment of  the White Flint Metro Station area. You can read the staff memo here .

This study is envisioned as a Planning Department work product, with a 12-18-month timeline. Following the presentation of the scope, staff will update the Planning Board in fall 2020 and deliver a final briefing in spring 2021. The areas of focus for this project are mobility and circulation, economic development and implementation strategies, and placemaking and urban design.

Tomorrow we’ll delve into the most interesting part of the staff report: an experiential analysis of pedestrian safety and mobility with suggestions to improve walking in the Pike District.

The April 13 Implementation Committee meeting will feature a planning staff presentation on Advancing the Pike District. This Thursday, the Planning Board will be discussing it at their regular weekly meeting.

Amy Ginsburg


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