More on the budget

More on the budget

Normal life continues in some ways — and one of those ways is the county budget. Before you reach the end of the internet in a mostly futile attempt to entertain yourself, take a minute and read up on this year’s budget. There’s a lot going on with this budget — including a rise in the property tax proposed by the County Executive and already dismissed by 8 of the 9 council members.

FY 2020 proposed county budgets now online On Monday, County Executive Marc Elrich sent his proposed operating budget to the County Council, which will vote on it by the end of May.  

Now all of the FY2020 budget documents are online:  the recommended operating budget and public services program; amendments to the recommended FY21 capital budget and FY21-26 capital improvements program (CIP); and the recommended FY21 capital budget and FY21-26 capital improvements program (CIP).

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