Thrive Montgomery 2050

Thrive Montgomery 2050

As we work on surviving 2020, the Planning Department is working on thriving in 2050 as it updates the Montgomery County general plan. Tomorrow, the Planning Board will meet to discuss the broad goals of the plan, which you can find in the Thrive Montgomery Issues Report. You can also read the Planning Department’s Staff Memo for tomorrow’s meeting.

Today, Friends of White Flint is sending its letter of support of these goals.

Dear Chairman Anderson:

Because the Friends of White Flint vision for the White Flint/Pike District area fits quite well with the broad initial vision for the Thrive Montgomery 2050 plan, Friends of White Flint agrees that the Montgomery County of 2050 should:

  • be more connected
  • focus on multi-modal transit
  • prioritize housing near transit
  • emphasize complete communities so that people can easily and safely walk to stores, offices, parks, and other amenities,
  • have sufficient affordable housing
  • prioritize a culture of sustainability
  • ensure a robust and resilient economy sustained by a diverse base of industries and workers 

The residents, businesses, and property owners of Friends of White Flint look forward to working with the Planning Board and Planning Staff to create a general plan that will move us toward achieving these goals.


Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

Amy Ginsburg


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