Western Workaround Construction Update

Western Workaround Construction Update

Below is the MCDOT notification on construction activities anticipated to begin June 15, 2020. The most important news is that Executive Boulevard will be closing around June 29. Yes, this is the third (or fourth?) date given for the closure, but we’re told that this one is going to stick. The second most important news is that nighttime work has been suspended.

The utility infrastructure relocation and construction which began in August 2018 has resumed.  Corman Kokosing Construction Company started construction on Phase 1B infrastructure and utility improvements on June 8, 2020.  For the next three weeks, the Contractor will focus on storm drain improvements by installing new manhole and reinforced concrete pipe.  This initial activity is taking place just west of the Executive Boulevard and Marinelli Road intersection.

Over the next month, Verizon crews will continue with their cable/wire splicing and other telecom work along Towne Road.  Verizon linemen will continue to install overhead cable in that project area.  Verizon should complete the overhead work on Towne Road by early July, weather permitting.  In addition, look for Verizon crews working in other parts of the White Flint West project area including on Banneker Avenue, Executive Boulevard., and Old Georgetown Road.  Anchor Construction, a Corman-Kokosing subcontractor, returns to Towne Road on June 18, 2020 to install PEPCO electrical conduits.  Anchor crews will work on the road’s west side; they should complete this phase by the end of July, 2020.

Two of Corman Kokosing’s crews continue with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) sewer and water line upgrades. Nighttime construction operations have been suspended.  The WSSC construction activities instead are proceeding during the daytime hours of 6:00 am to 2:00 pm in the northbound and southbound lanes of Old Georgetown Road north and south of Executive Boulevard.  This work will continue with daytime multiple lane closures to facilitate excavation, pipe and structure placement, and backfilling.  Periodically, one of Corman Kokosing’s general construction crews will complete hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving to replace the roadway steel plates that cover trench work.  This work for WSSC should wrap up by the middle of July 2020.

Corman-Kokosing’s general construction crew continues with the remaining center median demolition for future lane closures and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT).  Once the last Old Georgetown Road center median is removed, Corman-Kokosing will place an HMA surface course to return ride ability.  The Contractor should complete demolition and paving by the end of June, 2020.
Please take note that Executive Boulevard between the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center entrance and Old Georgetown Road will permanently close on or about June 29, 2020.  Before any closure, variable message sign (VMS) boards will be placed and detour plans will be posted—VMS boards will be in place at least 14 days before any closure.  Look for more information regarding the road closure and detour plans.

Parking is still not permitted on either side of Towne Road, or in the Cul‐de‐Sac; especially with the uptick in construction activities. Violators will be subject to citations; violators impeding the construction will be towed. 

In these active work zones, be sure to look for the orange warning signs, cones and arrow panels, and flaggers! Please pay attention to any temporary road closure(s), look for steel roadway plates, expect probable driving delays, and look for possible pedestrian detours as the multiple contractors conduct these ongoing field operations. White Flint West Project News will update all construction activities.  

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