Advocates push for a bike lane on Old Georgetown Road from 495 to Executive Blvd.

Advocates push for a bike lane on Old Georgetown Road from 495 to Executive Blvd.

Right now, it’s especially important that people can get to their destinations safely. Although a growing body of research points to public transit not playing a role in COVID-19 transmission, it can be expected that ridership will be slow to return to pre-pandemic levels, whether due to unfounded fear or increased telecommuting.

WMATA officials say bringing more trains back online, opening stations, and instituting new cleaning regimes may mean that the system won’t be fully operational until sometime in 2021. Likewise, MCDOT has said that it will take a minimum of two months to get Ride-On bus system back up to regular, full-run status, in part because they are prioritizing the health and safety of the drivers.

Rather than an explosion in personal vehicle use, advocates are calling on Maryland’s State Highway Administration (SHA) to implement 19 miles of shared streets to promote greater connectivity of bicyclists and pedestrians, and make it safer for those who do not want to drive or do not have access to a car to make through Montgomery County.

One of those those streets is Old Georgetown Road/MD-187 from I-495 to Executive Blvd (2.6 mi)

Do you think Friends of White Flint ought to add its voice to the chorus of advocates? Do we want a bike lane from the beltway to Executive Boulevard on Old Georgetown Road?

Amy Ginsburg




Yes! It is too dangerous as it is now. At least a barrior between bikes and cars.


Yes! Please build a physically separate and protected bike lane for people of all ages and abilities to use and travel safely. Paint does not provide protection alone and can make it less safe to bike if delivery trucks and cars use the lanes meant for bikes.

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