An update on development going before the Planning Board

An update on development going before the Planning Board

Below you’ll find an important update from the White Flint Implementation Committee staff leader, Nkosi Yearwood.

Next Thursday, the Planning Board will review three White Flint related projects.

First, there is a Preliminary Plan Amendment for the Gables Residential development that extends the Adequate Public Facilities (APF) validity period by three years.

Second, a new Preliminary Plan for the Wilgus property (between Montrose Road and Montrose Parkway) will be reviewed. This development is within the White Flint 2 plan area, but a portion of it is included in the White Flint 1 plan area for staging and the tax district purposes.

From the Wilgus Staff Memo

Third, the Mandatory Referral for the future Woodward High School will also be reviewed by the Board. This new school will serve as another high school for the Walter Johnson  cluster.

You can see the agenda and get more information at:

You can sign up to testify here on any of these projects

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