Western Workaround Update

Western Workaround Update

From MCDOT, the August 9, 2020 update:

As of July 8, 2020, Executive Boulevard between Old Georgetown Road and Grand Park Avenue at Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center is permanently closed; look for the “DETOUR” signs that are rerouting traffic. 

Corman Kokosing Construction Company presently uses the closed section of Executive Boulevard. as a material and equipment staging area.  No access to Old Georgetown Road exists from north/westbound Executive Boulevard after Marinelli Road/Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  A right turn on Banneker Avenue from northbound Grand Park Avenue only leads to the Marriott Hotel back parking and loading areas.  Access to Old Georgetown Road will resume once the Contractor completes the new section of Grand Park Avenue from Banneker Avenue to Old Georgetown Road—tentatively scheduled for completion by late December 2020.  Look for updates regarding progress on Grand Park Avenue. 

Corman Kokosing under the Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) contract proceeds with other work on Executive Boulevard in order to facilitate both new storm drain system construction, telecommunication & signalization infrastructure installation, and work on the extension of Banneker Avenue.  Banneker Avenue will cut across the Gables parking lot and eventually tie in to Old Georgetown Road just north of the MNCPPC Aquatic Center rear service entrance.  Future updates will provide progress on Banneker Avenue construction as the Contractor is only in the early stages of demolition and construction. 

The Berg Corporation, Corman Kokosing’s demolition contractor, is winding down the demolition of the old VOB Nissan Dealership property.  The final stages of demolition should be completed by late August 2020.  Large tractor‐trailer vehicles and dump trucks hauling away debris and excavated earthen material can only enter and exit the property via Grand Park Avenue off of the Executive Boulevard dead end.  Motorists and pedestrians in the area of Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, as well as the M & T Bank and Aquatic Center & Park at Marinelli Road, should pay special attention to the increased presence of large vehicles.  In addition, Corman has closed the northbound right lane of Old Georgetown Road in front of the VOB property.  Concrete “Jersey barriers” closing the lane will remain there until Corman completes the Grand Park Avenue extension.

Over the next month, Verizon crews will continue with their cable/wire splicing and other telecom work along Towne Road.  Verizon linemen and technicians in multiple vehicles will continue to install overhead cable and work in manholes in that project area.  Verizon should complete the overhead work on Towne Road by early September, weather permitting.  In addition, look for Verizon crews working in other parts of the White Flint West project area including on Banneker Avenue, Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road.  Keep an eye out for their own lane closures and flagging operations as they are separate from Corman Kokosing and affiliated sub‐contractors’ construction operations.

Anchor Construction, a Corman‐Kokosing subcontractor, continues with their PEPCO related work on Towne Road between Montrose Road and the cul‐de‐sac.  By the end of August, Anchor will complete their work in this area.  The sub‐contractor will wrap up placing six-inch fiberglass conduits in various configurations.  Still, at any time, Anchor crews could be roadway saw cutting, excavating, placing shoring, installing conduit, backfilling, and/or restoring roadway pavements.  Additionally, the Anchor Crew on Towne Road will move over to the northbound lanes of Old Georgetown Road between Nicholson/Tilden Lanes and Grand Park Avenue; the Crew will begin other PEPCO related work there.  Please be patient with their lane closures and subsequent delays on Towne Road, Montrose Road, Montrose Parkway, and eventually Old Georgetown Road. 

Corman Kokosing’s own crews continue with Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) sewer and water line upgrades known as Contract “G” and Contract “E.”  As a reminder, all nighttime construction operations have been suspended.  The contractor will provide seven days’ notice before they resume nighttime operations; look for any future updates regarding night work.  The WSSC construction activities instead are proceeding during the daytime hours of 6:00 am to 2:00 pm in the northbound and southbound lanes of Old Georgetown Road north and south of Executive Boulevard, as well as the grassy area in front of the PALLAS Apartment Building. 

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