BRT Debuts on Route 29

BRT Debuts on Route 29

It’s not the headline I wish I was writing (BRT Opens on Route 355) but it does count as progress and is something to celebrate: Route 29 Bus Rpaid Transit (BRT) began operating last week. Known as FLASH, Montgomery County’s first BRT line is now transporting folks up and down Route 29.

A successful Route 29 BRT will make it easier and more likely for us to one day cheer the start of BRT service on Rockville Pike. While we had advocated for separated bus lanes the entire length of Route 29, the opening of this BRT line is a milestone that we are taking a moment to appreciate.

There’s been lots of news coverage, which I’ve listed below.

DCist: A New Type Of Bus Service Is Launching In Montgomery County This Week

Greater Greater Washington: Breakfast links: Bus Rapid Transit starts today along Route 29 in Montgomery County

Washington Post: The D.C. region’s most ambitious try at bus rapid transit is coming to Montgomery County

WTOP News: FLASH bus route to provide service in Montgomery County’s Route 29 corridor

Maryland Matters: Maryland’s First Bus Rapid Transit Service Opens

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Jeff Scott

Not sure why you support a similar BRT on Rockville Pike. There are plenty of buses on Rockville Pike already, and the Red Line metro is runs below Rockville Pike. There are plenty of public transportation options already….what does another bus bring to the community that we don’t have today? I could understand a BRT to bring people to the Metro, but a BRT running along Rockville Pike is redundant and not needed.

Spending money on a BRT for Rockville pike is throwing good money after bad.

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