Latest on Lord & Taylor

Latest on Lord & Taylor

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The endless going-out-of-business sale

Lord & Taylor has been going out of business since August, but the White Flint store is still fully stocked with discounted clothes, shoes, jewelry, bedding and gifts. In fact, we’ve see quite a few items that you wouldn’t expect to find at Lord & Taylor: shirts from J.Crew and Talbot’s, a case full of used designer handbags, even a newly opened rug gallery. That’s because a third-party company is running Lord & Taylor’s liquidation sales and filling all the empty floor space with outside merchandise. There are definitely bargains to be had, but all sales are final — so make sure to do your homework before you buy. For a look at what’s in stock, check out Store Reporter on Facebook and Instagram.

Forbes also did a nice article about the demise of Lord & Taylor.

Amy Ginsburg


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