Can this intersection be made safer for pedestrians?

Can this intersection be made safer for pedestrians?

Dave Helms, Four Corners Resident and Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advocate, is proposing a better intersection at Route 355/Grosvenor Lane/Rock Creek Parkway due to the pedestrian who was struck and killed in the marked crosswalk across Rockville Pike/355 at Grosvenor Lane in North Bethesda on 11/20/20. You can see all the slides here, but below are a few that show the problems and solutions of this difficult, dangerous intersection.

Amy Ginsburg



Roger Fox

I use this intersection all the time as both a pedestrian and cyclist to access Rock Creek Park, since I live at Grosvenor Park, and these designs are exactly what I’ve always wished we had. The only thing I would add is that the bike lanes should continue westward at least to Fleming Avenue to connect with the Bethesda Trolley Trail. Thanks for putting forth these suggestions!

Paul Varga

Thank you so much for this post, how do we make this happen?? I am happy to get on board with any actions needed.
This intersection is so confusing, dangerous and difficult.
I agree with the previous comment about extending the bike lane to the BTT where, the intersection on Fleming and Grosvenor also needs far better signage, I along with my family have been almost run over there.

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