A new name for White Flint metro?

Amy Ginsburg




Funny. They must think it is the name of the metro station rather than high taxes and excessive regulations that is keeping Montgomery County from competing with other counties.

Edward Reich

I know you have posted about a meeting to discuss a possible name change for the White Flint Metro station. Can you post something explaining what is behind this consideration, and what possible name changes are being considered.

Gayle Cinquegrani

I, too, am wondering what prompted this discussion. The White Flint name captures some of the character of the surrounding area, where outcroppings of white flint rock occurs naturally and is often the centerpiece of nearby homeowners’ landscaping.

Gayle Cinquegrani

Why would anyone want to change the name of the White Flint station? The name captures the unique character of the area, where outcroppings of white flint rock occur naturally. Many nearby homeowners use the white flint outcroppings as a centerpiece of their landscaping.

Amy Ginsburg

I’ll try to explain the reason for the change as I see it. (No doubt there are others with different reasons.) White Flint is a name that represents the past. The White Flint mall no longer exists, and there is little nowadays with the White Flint name. If you are someone who has just moved here or is coming to North Bethesda for the first time, the name White Flint must be truly puzzling. A new name — perhaps North Bethesda-Pike District — better fits the area as the county and stakeholders are working to redevelop and rebrand our area as a walkable, transit-oriented, vibrant community.

As you may know, about seven or so years ago, there were many naming charrettes, and the name Pike District was chosen for this area. Renaming the metro station will be the most important step in rebranding this area as the Pike District.

I grew up here, and this was always an area without a name. Not really Bethesda, not really Rockville. North Bethesda has become quite accepted; in fact, it’s the name of our census tract. But North Bethesda covers a larger area that the Pike District. It seems to me that North Bethesda-Pike District is a name that truly tells people where they are are when they are on metro.

    Gayle Cinquegrani

    Thank you for the explanation. But the name White Flint relates to the area’s topography, and that sets it apart from the surrounding genetic areas. The name Pike District is both unwieldy and meaningless. Rockville Pike is many miles long and extends through Bethesda and Rockville, and past several Metro stations. “The Pike” is not unique to North Bethesda. The planners frequently talk of place along to provide a sense of community; the white flint rocks give this area a sense of place, and the station’s name should continue to reflect that. In addition, numerous stores and shopping centers carry the White Flint name.

P. Troy

I dont think it is necessary to change the name of the Metro station. Leave it alone. Also, always pushing to change this area from White Flint to some catchy, made up name is tiring. It’s just a un-needed marketing ploy. There is nothing negative about the name White Flint. Why do you push so hard to change it??


Foolish – I don’t know what people are smoking and now folks want to add more confusion to navigation. Do people really have this much time on their hands to tamper with everything? It’s fine. We love White Flint. Just stop.

No one knows of nor cares about Pike District. It’s bland generic and non descriptive of the area. The only people who actually care are the branding expert that made it up to stroke their ego and the self serving community people who are never happy with anything anyways unless it was their idea.

The pike is hated for the people who drive or rather those that cannot drive. It’s a stressful road okay. Putting the name of something hated on an area is really a total marketing fail of epic proportions imho.

Leave the station alone. “Pike District” needs to go.


There is absolutely no reason to change the name. It’s an interesting name that picks the curiosity of visitors which is a great thing if you want to attract people from out of town. While Pike District is as bland as it gets. Even discussing the name change is a huge waste of time and resources. Please keep White Flint intact!

David B.

Leave this particular name as is. White Flint is in itself invocative of a sense of place and community and is unique–just as White Oak, Md. is to it’s community. In some cases a name change to a Metro station is advisable. Metro’s Prince George’s Plaza station will change it’s name to Hyattsville Crossing station soon to dissociate itself from a failing shopping center and to recharacterize a stretch of Hyattsville, Md. to new and current residents and visitors. Tyson’s Corner doesn’t need a name change, though it and one of it’s stations apparently will get one with the shortened, “Tysons” later this year. That city has a long standing identity in it’s original name. A newly immerging community at the Navy Yard station could use a name change now that they’ve acquired enough density. That area was reminted Capitol Riverfront by a focus group many years back. The community’s name has taken hold, but Metro doesn’t use it. The station sits far enough away from the Navy Yard now; Metro should consider the change. Keep White Flint as is. It too has decades of merit and the name has taken hold with regional residents. Though White Flint is undergoing many brick and mortar changes, many more signs and community fixtures could help bring out the name’s appeal and highlight unique aspects of the area to new visitors.

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