Pike District does its part

Pike District does its part

From Bethesda Beat

The County Council approved spending $13.6 million — $8.2 million in general obligation bonds and $5.5 million in federal grants — to acquire land, renovate a facility and cover other costs for a new homeless shelter to be located on about an acre of land at 11600 Nebel Street. This shelter will replace shelter on Taft Court in Rockville because the current shelter, under lease with the city of Rockville, will no longer be available for use starting in January 2022. The Taft Court shelter has 60 beds.

Work on the new facility is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The shelter will have up to 102 beds per floor, shower and restroom facilities, dining and food prep areas, multi-purpose spaces, and case management and group therapy areas.

The county needs about 250 year-round beds, with a surge capacity of 50 to 100 beds. The project is needed because the county’s current homeless shelters and services are “insufficient for the current population and future projection,” a council staff report noted.

Amy Ginsburg




11600 Nebel is a one level building. So is the county building more levels in order to have “102 beds per floor”?


The county just closed the Wilkens Avenue Ladies Shelter and opened a brand new shelter on Taft Court in Jan 2017. JUST FOUR YEARS AGO. Read: https://www.mymcmedia.org/integrated-health-and-shelter-facility-opens-in-rockville/

Now in May 2021, they are buying an abandoned bldg and building a new shelter?
Is this because of covid?
Im glad they do not want to turn residents back on the streets when the emergency state declaration is over.

However, $13.6 milliion. Wouldnt it be better to make these millions of dollars into vouchers so residents are able to rent apartments or live in supportive group housing?
Then no new shelters would be needed?
Is this $13.6 million from the pandemic $ from the federal govt?

The 2 taft court and 6 taft court locations also have the CCI Health Clinic and Cornerstone Mental Health Services. Will all those businesses also move to Nebel street?

Will the Dorothy Day Shelter (5320 marinelli) still be open or will it merge with this proposed Nebel street shelter?

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