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Mandatory Referral No. MR 2021020, Request for the acquisition of 11600 Nebel Street in Rockville as an emergency homeless shelter

Read the entire staff memo here.

Project Description

The Montgomery County Department of General Services (DGS) is acquiring an office building located at 11600
Nebel Street to operate an emergency homeless center. An existing facility in Rockville will soon close, and
recreation centers, which have been utilized during the pandemic as temporary spaces, will re-open as the
pandemic eases. The proposed facility will ensure that a full complement of homeless services is available for individuals seeking emergency shelter in the County. All physical changes for the building will occur in the interior of the structure. DGS anticipates that the building will accommodate approximately 200 beds. The operator, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will determine the specific staffing number. DGS anticipates closing on the property soon.

Site Description

The property at 11600 Nebel Street consists of an existing office building and is surrounded by approximately 100 surface parking spaces. The existing building is approximately 33,048 square feet in size. Two driveways from Nebel Street provide vehicular access to the property. There is a minimal amount of landscaping on the property.

Surrounding Neighborhood

The proposed emergency shelter is located west of Nebel Street, between Marinelli Road and Nicholson Lane. To the immediate north is the Pepco Substation, which is under construction, and the Fitzgerald GMC Rockville automotive dealership is to the south. The WMATA bus depot is located west of the subject site. A variety of non-residential buildings are located east of Nebel Street, including the Montgomery County Pre-Release Center.

It’s official!

Montgomery County Executive Elrich Submits Letter to WMATA Requesting White Flint Metro Station to be Renamed ‘North Bethesda Metro Station’

Last week, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich submitted a letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) requesting the renaming of the White Flint Metro Station to be named the “North Bethesda Metro Station.”

Beginning in 2020, the County collaborated in station retitling efforts with the Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, the Friends of White Flint, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, and other community leaders. A public meeting, sponsored by the above groups as well as the County Executive and the District One Councilmember Andrew Friedson, was held on March 31, 2021 where the new designation of “North Bethesda” was selected.

“The development of the North Bethesda Metro Station is not only critical to the future economic growth of Montgomery County but the entire state and region,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “Thanks to our State Delegates in Districts 16 and 18, we have secured $250,000 toward the renaming costs. In addition, the County will contribute $50,000, and there is a commitment that remaining costs will be paid by the key property owners in the immediate vicinity of this station. The choice of ‘North Bethesda’ was the consensus of this community. I expect for generations to come the name ‘North Bethesda’ will be known as an epicenter in the bio/life sciences and quantum computing industries supported by private sector companies, academics, and federal agencies developed in a 21st-century sustainable and equitable location.”

“The Metro station is crucial to the viability of this area and our community’s vision for it,” District 1 Councilmember Andrew Friedson said. “We need a Metro station that reflects that vision and helps our economic development, regional competitiveness, and placemaking efforts so the Pike District and North Bethesda becomes an even more vibrant, walkable, and livable destination.”

“The entire Montgomery County House and Senate Delegations recognize the economic potential of ‘North Bethesda.’  Rebranding the Metro station is crucial to achieving that success and we were pleased to fight to obtain that state investment,” said Marc Korman, Delegate from District 16.

In 2010, Montgomery County completed a comprehensive update to the White Flint Sector Plan. Since that time, much has changed in North Bethesda including the former White Flint Mall which was dismantled between 2017 and 2020. A key goal for the community – both residential and business – is identity; and White Flint is no longer a relevant name or term used.

“Friends of White Flint believes the name ‘North Bethesda’ honors the history of this remarkable neighborhood and heralds a spectacular future as a walkable, transit-oriented, vibrant community,” said Amy Ginsburg, executive director of Friends of White Flint.

“Renaming the Metro station has been an imperative goal of the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee to support current and future branding efforts of both the Pike District and greater North Bethesda,” said White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Chairperson Andy Shulman. “We are pleased with the consensus amongst community, government and property stakeholders around the name ‘North Bethesda’ for the station.”

You can also read the media coverage:

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170 residences proposed in six-story building in the Pike District

From Bethesda Beat

A development proposal in the White Flint area calling for a six-story building with 170 residences has been filed with the Montgomery County Planning Department.

The Montgomery Housing Partnership has proposed a six-story residential building at the intersection of Nebel Street and Old Georgetown Road.

The group’s development application says the goal is to provide units for people with a range of incomes. At least 25% (43) of the units will be designated as affordable housing and some will be rented at “levels substantially below” affordable housing guidelines.

The site is currently undeveloped and “contains numerous environmental features that make redevelopment of this prominent site challenging,” according to the development application.

There is a stream and significant slopes, but developers plan to preserve many “existing environmental features,” documents say.

The building design will incorporate the environmental features, developers wrote. It will provide “ample transparency overlooking the natural features” at the back of the property and there will be an outdoor deck “built into the trees.”

There will be an approximately 7,000-square-foot park and plaza, as well.

Read the entire article here

Updates from the White Flint Implementation Committee

Here are some important updates from the White Flint Implementation Committee.

Site Plan

  • Pike & Rose-Phase 2, R&D building, is under review. The proposed R&D building will be located north of Rose Park and Bark Social.
  • The site plan for the Northpark at Montrose (aka the Wilgus property) will go to the Planning Board on June 24.

Concept Plan

  • Rose Village is the proposed redevelopment of the office property (6001, 6003 and 6011 Executive Boulevard), which is located west of Towne Road and between Executive Boulevard and Montrose Parkway. This property is within White Flint 2, but it is within the White Flint tax district and follows the staging provisions in the 2010 White Flint plan.

Sketch Plan

  • The Montouri property, which is located at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Nebel Street and opposite North Bethesda Center, has submitted a Sketch Plan. The vacant property has several environmental issues. Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP) is the property developer.

Mandatory Referral

  • Montgomery County is in the process of purchasing an office property at 1600 Nebel Street for an emergency homeless center. The interior of the existing building will be renovated for the proposed use. The Board will review the property acquisition on Thursday, May 27.

Metro Station Renaming

  • The existing White Flint Metro Station will be renamed as North Bethesda in the future.

20 is Plenty

  • This MCDOT initiative seeks to lower speed limits to 20 MPH on some urban areas in the County, including White Flint. Executive Boulevard, Security Lane, Woodglen Drive and Edson Lane are included in this pilot project.

Advancing the Pike District

  • The project team is currently work with MCDOT on implementing the Pike District Connector and the creation of streetscape guidelines for the plan area.

Randolph Hills Walk Audit

Take the Pike District Connector survey

The Montgomery County Planning Department, is partnering with the Friends of White Flint and the Better Block Foundation to add local semi-permanent art and public seating at four main intersections along this temporary one-mile connector that will link pedestrians and bicyclists from the Bethesda Trolley Trail to the Montrose Parkway Trail this summer.

The public has until May 28 to provide feedback through an online survey, so please take a quick moment and submit your thoughts by clicking on the survey button below.

Events this weekend at NoBe Market

Join NoBe Market this weekend for not one, but two FREE interactive and outdoor experiences on the plaza! Start your Saturday off with an Outdoor Yoga Flow with ExtendYoga followed by a Mommy + Me Movement class by My Gym Potomac featuring music for the little ones to play in a fun, physically engaging environment!

Mommy + Me

Join NoBe Market and local fitness center for kids, My Gym Potomac on May 15th for an outdoor Mommy + Me Movement and Music class! Gather your little ones for a class filled with exciting outdoor activities on the plaza! This class is suited for little ones from ages three to six years old with other ages welcome when accompanied by parent support. My Gym Potomac will guide you and your rascals through an hour full of movement and music in a fun, physically engaging environment! This space is safe for children to feel supported when participating and leaving with a smile on their faces ready for nap time. Learn more by clicking here.

Outdoor Yoga

Join Extend Yoga to kick off our popular Outdoor Yoga Series on the plaza on May 15th at 9:00am! Focus on linking conscious breath while awakening your strength, energy, and flexibility in a FREE* 50min yoga flow! This class welcomes all levels from non-yogis to advanced yogis. Learn more by clicking here.

IPIC in Pike & Rose Shares Tentative Reopening Date of May 21

From the MoCo Show by Michelle Katz @pike.and.rozay

After being closed for over a year due to the pandemic, an assistant general manager at IPIC shared the luxury theater plans to reopen towards the end of this month.

Movie goers can expect some small changes to the IPIC experience. Temperatures will be taken at the door, seats in the theater will be 6 feet apart, and capacity will be reduced.

Pillows will no longer be offered, but blankets will still be available upon request. (The MoCo Show was told that the ticket prices will be adjusted to reflect this change.)

For a look at what a typical evening at IPIC was like before the pandemic hit, check out the MoCo Show post that they wrote a while back.

More information about IPIC can be found here.

Additionally, IPIC and their associated restaurant City Perch are both hiring right now. If you’re interested, you can check out their job listings here.