Updates from the White Flint Implementation Committee

Updates from the White Flint Implementation Committee

Here are some important updates from the White Flint Implementation Committee.

Site Plan

  • Pike & Rose-Phase 2, R&D building, is under review. The proposed R&D building will be located north of Rose Park and Bark Social.
  • The site plan for the Northpark at Montrose (aka the Wilgus property) will go to the Planning Board on June 24.

Concept Plan

  • Rose Village is the proposed redevelopment of the office property (6001, 6003 and 6011 Executive Boulevard), which is located west of Towne Road and between Executive Boulevard and Montrose Parkway. This property is within White Flint 2, but it is within the White Flint tax district and follows the staging provisions in the 2010 White Flint plan.

Sketch Plan

  • The Montouri property, which is located at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Nebel Street and opposite North Bethesda Center, has submitted a Sketch Plan. The vacant property has several environmental issues. Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP) is the property developer.

Mandatory Referral

  • Montgomery County is in the process of purchasing an office property at 1600 Nebel Street for an emergency homeless center. The interior of the existing building will be renovated for the proposed use. The Board will review the property acquisition on Thursday, May 27.

Metro Station Renaming

  • The existing White Flint Metro Station will be renamed as North Bethesda in the future.

20 is Plenty

  • This MCDOT initiative seeks to lower speed limits to 20 MPH on some urban areas in the County, including White Flint. Executive Boulevard, Security Lane, Woodglen Drive and Edson Lane are included in this pilot project.

Advancing the Pike District

  • The project team is currently work with MCDOT on implementing the Pike District Connector and the creation of streetscape guidelines for the plan area.

Randolph Hills Walk Audit

Amy Ginsburg



Bernie Lubran

Can you add some clarification to the terms SITE PLAN, CONCEPT PLAN, and SKETCH PLAN? Which is further along in the approval process?

    Amy Ginsburg

    A Concept Plan is a flexible plan type that allows applicants to get staff and Development Review Committee (DRC) input on various details of a proposed project. Applicants have the freedom to submit with whatever level of detail they’d like in order to get feedback on any number of issues.

    A sketch plan is an illustrative plan or model that shows the maximum densities for residential and non-residential development, including building massing and height, locations of public use and other spaces, and the relationship to existing and proposed buildings and properties. A Sketch Plan is required for optional methods of development and is intended to provide circulation patterns and description of the public benefits proposed and incentive densities requested, as well as the phasing of the development and public benefits.

    A Site Plan is a detailed plan, required only in certain zones, that shows proposed development on a site in relation to immediately adjacent areas. It indicates roads, walks, parking areas, buildings, landscaping, open space, recreation facilities, lighting, etc.

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