Cicada Jewelry?

Cicada Jewelry?

From Bethesda Beat

A North Bethesda jewelry company, Nature’s Creations, is using this year’s cicada emergence to create copper necklace pendants and pins — made from the real insect.

Dennis Ray, 60, the owner and artist behind Nature’s Creations, said his 92-year-old father and his 22-year-old nephew helped him collect hundreds of dead Brood X cicadas and their vacant exoskeletons to use as the foundation of his jewelry.

“My dad is 92 and he’s waiting at the front door like a puppy. He just — he’s dying to do work. He’s like, ‘Come on, let me help. Let’s go pick up bugs. Let’s pick up leaves.’ It’s really fun,” Ray said.

Most of the jewelry Ray creates is copper-covered leaves, flowers and shells finished with a coating of vibrant green, red and purple patinas.

The method Ray uses to create most of his jewelry is a special metal-forming process called electroforming, which is the electrochemical deposition of metal onto an object.

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