Planning Board approves 144 new housing units on Montrose!

Planning Board approves 144 new housing units on Montrose!

Yesterday the Planning Board approved the plans for the Wilgus property located at Montrose Parkway and Towne Road to build 107 townhouse units, including 34 stacked two-over-two multi-family units and 15% MPDUs. They will also build stormwater management, a landscape buffer, five new roads, a .75 acre central park and a .21 western park.. They also will make a school and park contribution as a public benefit. 12.62-acres will be developed for this phase out of a total of 16.64 acres.

The Planning Board previously approved the Preliminary Plan on October 15, 2020 and the Sketch Plan
on August 1, 2019.

Amy Ginsburg




Any idea when these new townhomes will be scheduled to be completed? Also any idea when I can start putting a deposit down? 🙂


So in the middle of a climate crisis, we’re cutting down one of the few remaining forested areas in the county? No. We need to replace low-rise development with higher density development. Developers need to add more 3-br units to apartment / condo buildings.

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