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Big construction closures and detours coming to Randolph Road

Starting the week of August 9, Pepco’s contractor is projected to mobilize on Randolph Rd. from Parklawn Dr. to Nebel St. to begin excavation of the 27’x40’ entry pit for the micro- tunnel operation, which is part of the construction of a new Pepco substation. Upon completion of the entry pit, the subcontractor will begin one of two micro- tunnels needed to go under the CSX Railroad tracks to complete the duct bank installation then proceed constructing the second micro-tunnel. This will be followed by the installation of conduit and pump grout throughout both micro-tunnels.

The total duration for the set-up and construction of both tunnels is projected to be completed within six months. Please note, duration dates are subject to change due to weather and permitting requirements.

Pepco is in continued coordination with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation to mitigate traffic overflow with minimal disruptions as possible. The traffic control plan will allow East bound traffic only on Randolph Rd. West bound traffic will be detoured down Parklawn Dr. to Rockville Pike-MD-355Sidewalks on Randolph Rd. will remain open to pedestrians throughout the duration of the micro-tunnel construction. 

While working during the permitted hours, flaggers will be posted to help coordinate traffic going to local businesses. All traffic control measures will remain in place 24/7 until the work is completed.

Please feel free to reach out to Shamyra Edmonds, Project Ombudsman directly for any questions or concerns about the White Flint Substation project at 202-643-3148 or

Roaming Rooster restaurant coming to Pike & Rose

Roaming Rooster

From Bethesda Beat


Roaming Rooster, a Washington, D.C., restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken sandwiches, will open in North Bethesda’s Pike & Rose development this fall, according to the landlord, Federal Realty Investment Trust.

Roaming Rooster’s menu features a traditional fried chicken sandwich with vinaigrette slaw, Buffalo fried chicken sandwich, honey butter fried chicken sandwich and Nashville hot chicken. Customers can choose from mild, medium or hot seasoning.

Roaming Rooster also offers other fare, such as fried chicken and coleslaw, wings and chicken tenders.

Hank Dietle’s is Open!

From Bethesda Beat:

The bar held its grand opening concert on Friday, hosting the southern soul band King Soul in a sold-out fundraising event. Dietle’s was 102 years old when it burned down in a massive fire on Valentines Day 2018 due to a discarded cigarette that was lit. The bar was the first establishment in Montgomery County to receive a liquor license after Prohibition, with the license bearing the number 001.


A Montgomery County, Maryland, nightlife institution made a comeback on Friday night after burning down in 2018 and postponing its reopening due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans of one of the oldest bars in the area came out to dance to the songs of King Soul, a brass-heavy band that took the stage decked out in red suits.

Rockville’s oldest bar opened in 1916 and then closed for over three years after burning in an early-morning fire on Valentine’s Day 2018. The owner of the bar at the time, Tony Huniak, said he was “sick to his stomach” when heard about the fire.

More about the Montgomery Housing Partnership Development Project

The Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP) has submitted their Sketch Plan to the Planning Board. The proposed residential project will have up to 188,500 square feet of residential density on 2.66 acres of land located on Nebel Street at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road. This will be a multifamily affordable housing project with structured parking and open spaces. Twenty-five percent of the units will be MPDUs. The proposed maximum height is 80 feet.

The Sketch Plan concept shows 18 three-bedroom units, 84 two-bedroom units, 55 one-bedroom units, and 13 efficiency units, for a total of 170 units. There is a courtyard amenity space on the north elevation, an overlook area at the west end of the development, and an entry plaza at the southeast corner. The South Parcel will used as a Public Open Space and developed as a pocket park.

The latest Pepco Substation Construction Update

Week of 07/19/2021

Randolph Rd. Package B -Anchor (Crew #1)– Continue excavation- Install conduit- Pour concrete

Nebel St. Near Randolph Rd.-Package B -Anchor (Crew #2)– Continue excavation- Install conduit- Pour concrete

Nebel St./White Flint Substation-Package C (CW & Sons Crew #1)– Pour concrete- Backfill/Temporary Asphalt- Continue 4-way box tunnel (Louden Tunneling)

Nebel St. & Old Georgetown-Package A (CW & Sons Crew #2)– Continue excavation- Install conduit- Pour concrete

Week of 07/26/2021

Randolph Rd.-Package B -Anchor (Crew #1)– Backfill/Temporary Asphalt- Continue excavation

Nebel St. Near Randolph Rd.-Package B -Anchor (Crew #2)– Backfill/Temporary Asphalt- Continue excavation

Nebel St./White Flint Substation-Package C (CW & Sons Crew)– Continue excavation- Install conduit

Nebel St. & Old Georgetown-Package A (CW & Sons Crew #2)– Backfill/Temporary Asphalt- Mobilize to Nebel St./Marinelli Rd.

Please feel free to reach out to Shamyra Edmonds, Project Ombudsman, directly for any questions or concerns about the White Flint Substation project at 202-643-3148 or

An interesting blog about Montgomery County’s economy

MoCo Economy Watch has written some interesting blogs about the retail and commercial real estate sector in Montgomery County as well as about our economy.

A recent post, titled “BIG TECH IS SHOWERING THE REGION WITH INVESTMENT…MIRACULOUSLY, MO CO REMAINS DRY” talks about the small percentage of real estate investment from the big tech firms compared to our neighbors in DC and Virginia. Here’s tidbit from this article:

For comparison’s sake, Amazon’s regional footprint is larger than the size of the entire Silver Spring commercial real estate footprint (7.4 million square feet of office, 3.1 million square feet of retail). You’d think that some of that bounty would just fall into our laps, given the more than 5 dozen leases and an enormous (and growing) real estate footprint. And yet, by my count, the total Mo Co real estate footprint of the behemoth is only 0.9% of its regional total.

Another big tech firm that is gobbling up real estate across the DMV is Microsoft. Overall, it appears that Microsoft’s real estate footprint in the region is 2.8 million square feet and growing. Montgomery County’s share? Try 53,000 square feet, down about 60% from a few years ago, and representing only 1.9% of Microsoft’s regional real estate footprint.

Another recent post titled RETAIL SALES IN MO CO: CAN WE TURN IT AROUND? focuses on the quality and sales productivity of the retail space in Montgomery County.

Based on U.S. Census defined retail categories, the average retailer in Fairfax is earning $400,000 more than in Montgomery County! In fact, in just about every major retail category – other than Miscellaneous Retailers and Health & Personal Care Stores, i.e., your CVS or local hair salon – the sales productivity for the average business is significantly higher across the Potomac. Aside from the County having $2.75 billion less in retail sales to tax than Fairfax, this table brings to light many of the larger challenges to Montgomery County’s business climate as well.

Hank Dietle’s could reopen later this month

From Bethesda Beat


Hank Dietle’s Tavern in North Bethesda could reopen later this month, more than three years after the bar was destroyed by a fire.

In February, the bar was re-approved for a liquor license. The major renovations are done, but there are still a few logistical issues that need to be worked out, the bar’s talent buyer Lisa White told Bethesda Beat on Wednesday. White said she thinks the bar could open this month, although she doesn’t yet know the exact date. Many local and regional bands have expressed interest in playing at the revived Dietle’s, she said.

Read the rest of the story at Bethesda Beat