M-NCPPC Walk Audit Toolkit Training

M-NCPPC Walk Audit Toolkit Training

The Pedestrian Master Plan team will host a virtual training to share the draft Pedestrian Audit Toolkit. During the training, participants will learn how to use the toolkit to lead pedestrian audits in The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Gants to help make the County more pedestrian-friendly. Here’s a way you can help that effort. Sign up to learn how to conduct a pedestrian audit of your community. http://ow.ly/l9BR50G6kAQ

What is a Walk Audit?
Walk Audits are used to identify barriers to walking and bicycling. Neighbors walk the streets together and note what makes the streets feel comfortable for walking and what is missing. Walk Audits assess
street infrastructure and conditions, documenting barriers, positive features, activities, and perceptions of the walking environment.

The results from a Walk Audit can be used to advocate for safer streets for all. Share the results with decision makers and the agency who is responsible for managing a particular roadway. The results
can also help build community support to build a grassroots campaign to slow down traffic or attract media attention.

To organize a Walk Audit in your community, there are three phases: 1) Prep and Promote 2) Walk and Coverage and 3) Recap and Analyze.

Learn more about a Walk Audit at http://montgomeryplanning.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Walk-Audit-Toolkit-1.0.pdf.

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