North Bethesda Metro Station?

North Bethesda Metro Station?

The area around Metro’s White Flint Station has changed, including the dismantling of its namesake White Flint Mall. In keeping with the area’s growing development and identity, Metro’s Board of Directors is considering whether to change the name to North Bethesda Station. With the White Flint name no longer relevant to the surrounding community, Montgomery County requested the name be changed to North Bethesda Station after consulting with business and community leaders.

In the spring, Friends of White Flint held a well-attended online community meeting about changing the name of the metro station. At the start of the meeting, there was a great diversity of opinions about changing the name of the White Flint metro station, including many suggestions for what that name ought to be, but by the end of the meeting, there was consensus around the name North Bethesda.

Want to give WMATA your opinion? Here’s the link.    

And click here to read The Washington Post story on the name change.

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