A drum roll please — it’s the the 2021 White Flint Biennial Monitoring report!

A drum roll please — it’s the the 2021 White Flint Biennial Monitoring report!


It sounds dull, but it does provide a worthy summary of the progress that’s been made in the Pike District/North Bethesda area as we work to transform our community into a walkable, thriving neighborhood.

Below is the report’s executive summary:

This 2021 Biennail Monitoring Report is delivered as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The pandemic has impacted the use of public transit, offices, and commercial development. However, several property owners have submitted
new development proposals and infrastructure improvements have advanced to further implement the Sector Plan recommendations. Public engagement has continued through the current pandemic with virtual meetings to monitor and provide public input regarding the implementation of the Sector Plan.

The implementation of Western Workaround, which is the roadway realignment of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard and the opening of Towne Road, has progressed with the completion of phase one, and phase two should be completed in 2022. Additional bikeways are anticipated later this year on Marinelli Road.

Most of the first phase staging requirements have been implemented. However, some of the critical streetscape
and bikeways within a quarter-mile of the Metro Station remain incomplete. Complete funding for the northern
White Flint Metro Station entrance is also outstanding.

This report is the fourth BMR released by the Planning Department since the approval of the 2010 White Flint
Sector Plan. The BMR is a Sector Plan requirement to monitor and assess progress made towards implementing key elements in the Sector Plan, and it must be submitted to the County Council and County Executive.

Amy Ginsburg


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