A redistricting map you can actually read

A redistricting map you can actually read

Please click an interactive, high-res map at https://gismontgomery.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=e74800c960094a05a4f88a45586fc634 to review the proposed redistricting of Montgomery County. As you can see, they’ve carved North Bethesda from its neighbors and put it with the Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Long Branch district.

We’re meeting with other organizations, HOAs, and civic associations so that we can launch a united campaign against this redistricting plan. We believe the needs of North Bethesda will be ignored in favor of the needs of Silver Spring and that this gerrymandered district simply doesn’t make sense. Are we going to be part of the Silver Spring Regional Services Center now instead of the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, too? Should our businesses now belong to the Silver Spring Chamber instead of the Greater Bethesda Chamber? Of course not.

Stay tuned for ways you can fight this.

Amy Ginsburg


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Mingran Ma

There is no any reason to redistrict North Bethesda with Silver Spring or any other areas. I think the county should focus on some more important and necessary changes and improvements for the local area instead of making harmful changes.

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