Our testimony on the CIP Budget

Our testimony on the CIP Budget

This is the testimony provided to the county council last night on the County Executive’s propose capital budget for the county.

My name is Bill Carey. I’m representing the Friends of White Flint, a non-profit organization, composed of residents , businesses, and property owners who work together to transform the White Flint/Pike District/North Bethesda area into a walkable, vibrant, smart growth community.

We applaud the emphasis of the CIP budget on transit, especially its focus on the Route 355 Bus Rapid Transit line. Route 355 BRT is critical to fulfilling the vision of the 2010 sector plan. We are, however, disappointed that there is no money for bike and pedestrian improvements in North Bethesda.  Walkability and bikeability are equally important for fulfilling the sector plan’s vision.

We urge the council not to push back funding for the northern entrance of the White Flint metro station, soon to be called North Bethesda station, hat is a vital connection for the Pike District.

Finally, we ask the council to ensure that the funding for Woodward High School’s renovation remain on track so that it can open with a stadium, athletic fields, an auditorium and other essential amenities as planned.

Amy Ginsburg


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