Improving the grassy area around the White Flint metro station

Improving the grassy area around the White Flint metro station

WMATA has asked LCOR to do the following improvements on Parcel B in the grassy area between Harris Teeter and Rockville Pike.

  • Design & Entitle Permanent Roads at Chapman and McGrath
  • Clear & Grade Parcel B and Roads
  • Install Sewer/Storm/Water Utilities to Support Future Development
  • Install Curb/Gutter, Streetscape and Hardscape
  • Install Hardscape and Plantings for Parcel B

In 28 months, when this project is completed, Parcel B will be used as a public green for events, such as outdoor fitness classes, outdoor concerts, and other fun community gatherings.

Learn more by clicking here.

Amy Ginsburg



Michael Grizer

This is awesome! But, your link to the file is broken. It appears to point tohard-drive. drive.

Inquiring Minds

Are you able to fix the broken link? I would love to learn more!


Wait, isnt WMATA planning on building a tunnel under here to connect White Flint Metro to Pike&Rose? So if money is spent on grass and roads for this area, won’t it be wasted as in a few years it would all be excaated for the tunnel?

Friends of White Flint

The tunnel is an idea, not a plan, as of now. And this project is further east, toward Harris Teeter.


This is great, what about parcel A? Including it in the plan would provide a good sized park which would more appropriately accommodate the number of residents in the area. Are there any plans for parcel A?

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