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Trail Improvement Project at Wall Park

Montgomery Parks will start an improvement project at Wall Local Park. The project will start in late October and will take several weeks to complete. This work will interrupt trail access. As part of the project, we will be installing interpretive signs to direct traffic to the Josiah Henson Museum and Special Park.

This project will renovate the trail in Wall Local Park, located at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Nicholson Lane in North Bethesda. The intent of the project is to make the trail ADA accessible from the parking lot to the Nicholson Lane entrance and to enhance the trail with interpretive and wayfinding signage, and with decorative pavers from donors to the Josiah Henson Museum & Park. There are two retaining walls at the Nicholson Lane entrance that need repair. The project will renovate this access point with new retaining walls, special paving, and a concrete walkway to create a more visible pedestrian entrance to the park and the parking lot.

Picnic in Wall Park — Now With Booze as Well as Food

If you’ve found yourself enjoying parks across the county but suddenly feel the need to leave to find food, look no further! Parks has teamed up with Visit Montgomery and MoCo Eats to offer our new Picnic in the Park program. And now you can legally consume alcohol in designated areas within 9 parks selected for the pilot.  

Our local park – Wall Local Park — is part of the Picnic in the Park program.

Picnic in the Park brings your favorite foods and drinks to you – simply find the designated signs in the following parks and take a photo of the QR code to be shown all the available restaurants to deliver food right to you in the park! Each park comes with a designated delivery zone, along with multiple picnic circles that are physically distanced to make sure you can enjoy your meal safely.

Picnic in the Park locations are:

A Dog Park in Wall Park?

Montgomery Parks is gathering public input about where to put a new dog park and where to hold future dog-friendly pop-up like yappy hours.

The Dog Parks Site Suitability (DPSS) Study will help guide the location design and development of future dog parks in high-density areas of the County; serve as a reference tool for pop-up event planning; and outline several different types of dog facilities that may be suitable for various locations.

One of the proposed sites is Wall Park. Other sites near the White Flint/Pike District area include Timberlawn Park and Fleming Local Park.

Montgomery Parks wants your input! Tell them what you think about future dog parks and pop up dog events in the White Flint/Pike District area. Visit the Open Town Hall and click Dog Park Suitability – Bethesda Chevy Chase area to complete the survey. Once you’ve clicked, scroll to the bottom to take the survey.

Check out the vision for the interim Wall Park

On Monday, the Parks Department presented the plan for the interim Wall Park.  As you probably know, once the new Wall Park/Shriver Aquatic Center garage is built, the current paved parking lot will be ripped up and replaced with much-needed green space. Here are some of the more essential slides from Monday’s presentation. (Click on each slide to enlarge.)

You can learn more at the Wall Park project page and you can see the entire presentation by clicking here.

A Wonderful Win for Wall Park!

Yesterday, the County Council voted YES on the Supplemental Appropriation and CIP Amendment for $6,582,000 for the Wall Park Garage and Park Improvements!! Friends of White Flint has advocated for more than a year and a half for the County to “un-pave paradise and pull up the parking lot” and yesterday, the Council voted to do just that.

Pallas resident Beth Robinson prepares to testify at the County Council

Friends of White Flint’s Executive Director Amy Ginsburg, the White Flint Implementation Committee, and Pallas resident Beth Robinson testified at the public hearing in favor of building the Wall Park Garage and creating a great green space for all to enjoy.

Specifically, the Council voted to “fund the relocation of surface parking from the Wall Park and Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center (KSAC) to an adjacent parking garage on private property, as suggested by the White Flint Sector Plan. This increase is needed because the relocation of the surface parking to a parking garage will provide for an urban park with amenities in an area with significant multi-family residential development. This appropriation will facilitate development that will provide the opportunity for the County to obtain right-of-way through dedication from the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Upon completion of the garage project the County will own 30 percent of the parking spaces under a condominium regime that affords voting rights and ownership to the County for a specific portion of the garage.  This recommended amendment is consistent with the criteria for amending the CIP because it offers the opportunity to achieve significant savings through a public private partnership that takes advantage of economies of scale, which will provide the parking garage at a lower cost than if the County had to build its own garage.”

In just a couple of short years, we will all be enjoying the Great Lawn at Wall Park.  Look for more information from FoWF about opportunities to give input on this new green space for the Pike District.

Don’t forget — Wall Park CIP County Council Hearing is TONIGHT!

Don’t forget to attend the Wednesday, February 10th, 7 pm, Third Floor Hearing Room, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. (We’ll have Wall Park T-shirts for folks to wear and keep.)

Just by wearing a t-shirt and sitting in the audience, you will help create an 8-acre Park Paradise at Wall Park! Please, help us un-pave paradise and pull up the parking lot by encouraging County Council to fully fund the Wall Park Garage in the CIP.

See you tonight at 7pm at County Council!

Friends of White Flint Advocated at the County Council PHED Hearing

Friends of White Flint Advocated at the County Council PHED Hearing


Wall Park CIP Hearing Changed to Wednesday Evening

Are you planning on helping to create a Park Paradise at Wall Park by attending the CIP meeting? (I hope so!)

Please know that Council Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Hearing originally scheduled for tonight  has been changed to WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 7 pm, Third Floor Hearing Room, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.  Please come and wear an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Wall Park T-shirt.

Why is now the time to build the Wall Park garage so we can “un-pave paradise and pull up the parking lot?” 1) Constructing the Wall Park Garage now is cost-effective and the best use of County land and funds. We can save $1 million by building the garage at the same time that Gables builds their apartment garage. 2) Wall Park is a vital community amenity that is important to the community and essential to creating a thriving Pike District/White Flint area.

Will You Have S’more Fun Tomorrow at Grill Night at Wall Park?

Grill Night

Don’t forget — the summer’s second fun-filled Grill Night is tomorrow, July 21 at 6pm at Wall Park by the Shiver Aquatic Center. Thanks to Gables Pike District for supplying the snacks, soft drinks, and paper products. Additional thanks to the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee for arranging for The Crimestoppers to play again and for all those yummy s’mores fixings they’ll be bringing. And of course, thank you, Montgomery Parks​, for supplying the grills and setting up all the picnic tables.