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Congratulations, Victoria Kosmides!

As promised, every Friend who joined or renewed their membership in 2014 was eligible to win two vouchers in the President’s Box at Strathmore for the performance of their choosing!  Congratulations to Victoria Kosmides – our grand prize winner!




There will continue to be great opportunities for our Friends of White Flint!  If you haven’t already, join or renew today by clicking here!  Thanks so much to Strathmore for such an incredible prize!

Urban Road Code PASSES!

Dear Friends – I love going out with a bang!  First, we made great progress on the issue of Old Georgetown Road’s design and now, the County Council has ensured that county roads in our urban nodes will have stricter requirements to ensure pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Yesterday, the County Council voted unanimously to enact the amendments to our Road Code that we’ve been telling you about for nearly a year.  Under the deft leadership of Councilmembers Roger Berliner and Hans Riemer, the Council has sent a a major signal that all users of our roads – not just those in cars – are to be valued and kept safe.  Take a moment to thank them by sending an email (just click on their names) to Councilmember Berliner, Councilmember Riemer or the entire County Council.

We so appreciate their work on behalf of not just White Flint but every county resident who wants a more vibrant, walkable, safe community! Learn more about the road code changes by clicking here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Why Narrower Travel Lanes Should be Required

Jeff Speck is one of our nation’s leaders in city planning and urban design. A month or two ago, he wrote the following:

the single best thing we can do for the health, wealth, and integrity of this great nation is to forbid the construction, ever again, of any traffic lane wider than 10 feet.

And, then, he backed this statement up with research, science and engineering.

Ten foot travel lanes frighten many folks – click here to better understand them, and understand why they’re right for White Flint moving forward.  Click here.

Lowering Speed Limits Saves Lives is one of the newer online news outlets and they cover a range of topics.  Over the last week, however, they’ve run pieces focused on a few New Urbanist trends around the country.  One particularly striking image highlights how much public space we turn over to cars – and, therefore, how little is left for the rest of us. To see that, click here.

But, an even more fascinating article is entitled, “New York City lowered its speed limit to 25. Other cities should do it, too.”  We’ve made much of the fact that Rockville Pike through White Flint has a speed limit of 40, where the same road transitions to 25mph a few miles south in downtown Bethesda.  Not only do these changes foster the perception of a safer pedestrian environment – they actually are safer for pedetrians.  As the piece highlights, a pedestrian would have a 95% chance of survival if struck by a car traveling 20mph, as opposed to a 15% chance of survival if struck by a car traveling at 40mph.  Lower speed also reduce the number of car accidents and the severity of those that occur.

London has reduced many of its speed limits to 20mph and here’s what they’ve found:

And their findings were unambiguous. For drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, casualties (a category that includes both deaths and injuries) dropped by 41.9 percent in the new speed zones compared to other areas, with all the new zones leading to 203 fewer annually in total. Deaths declined by 35.1 percent, with 27 fewer annually.

Read the full piece by clicking here and let us know what you think.

This Friday: Deadline to Help Shape Rapid Transit

From our friends at Communities for Transit (click here to see their full page on this important subject):

NOMINATE YOURSELF: Serve on a Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Advisory Committee

Do you think Montgomery County needs better public transit? Do you want to help County planners design a bus rapid transit system that is cost effective, reduces trip times for riders, and makes it safer to get to stops? If you answered “yes”, then we at Communities for Transit encourage you to apply for a seat on one of the new Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Advisory Committees (CAC) being created by the county.

What’s a Corridor Advisory Committee (CAC)? When the County Council voted unanimously at the end of 2013 to add bus rapid transit corridors to the master plan, it also called for the creation of advisory committees made up of residents, business owners and other relevant stakeholders, such as frequent transit riders, for each of the bus rapid transit corridors.

Where are the corridors? The first corridors to get CACs will be:

  • MD 355 North (Frederick Road/Hungerford Drive from Clarksburg to the Rockville Metro)
  • MD 355 South (Rockville Pike/Wisconsin Avenue from the Rockville Metro to Bethesda)
  • US 29 Section 1 (Colesville Road from Burtonsville to New Hampshire Ave.)
  • US 29 Section 2 (Colesville Road from New Hampshire Ave. to downtown Silver Spring)
  • MD 97 North Section 1 (Georgia Avenue from Olney to Connecticut Avenue)
  • MD 97 North Section 2 (Georgia Avenue from Connecticut Avenue/Aspen Hill Shopping Center to the Wheaton Metro)
  • MD 586 (Veirs Mill Road from the Rockville Metro to the Wheaton Metro)

What’s my commitment? Each CAC will be made up of about 40 members and will meet every other month beginning in the early winter. At each meeting, you will exchange information and ideas with transportation agency representatives, community residents and transportation system users. You will help keep the community informed about the proposed bus rapid transit system.

Do I need to be an expert about bus rapid transit? No. If you live and/or travel along any of these corridors, you can make a valuable contribution to a CAC. Of course, if you have first-hand experience with transit systems, that would be very useful as well. Communities for Transit staff will be available to help answer questions along the way.

How do I apply? DEADLINE is November 21, 2014. You can nominate yourself for a seat on one of the CACs by filling out the nomination form here.

  • If you live in a neighborhood with an active civic association along one of the corridorssubmit your self-nomination form to your civic association president. If you do not know your civic association, please click here for a searchable map. If you do not know your homeowner’s association, please click here for a searchable map. [Contact Geri Rosenberg at Communities for Transit– if you need information about your local civic association]
  • If you want to be considered for one of the “at-large” seats on a CAC, send your self-nomination form to Tom Pogue at Montgomery County’s Dept. of Transportation. His contact information is on the nomination form.
  • If you represent a business along one of the corridors, send your self-nomination form to your Chamber of Commerce.

Questions? Contact Geri Rosenberg at or call 301-273-3081 and we’d be more than happy to help you through the process.

The Shaping of Rapid Transit

Yesterday, Kelly Blynn (our friend from Coalition for Smarter Growth) posted a great piece on the status of our county’s Rapid Transit project. Like Old Georgetown Road, it’s critical that this infrastructure is built properly the first time both for efficiency and to responsibly use our tax dollars.  Kelly lays out where we are and includes references to White Flint — our stretch of MD-355 is scheduled to be one of the first routes built.  Read her full piece on Greater Greater Washington by clicking here.

La Madeleine and other openings

As the first big redevelopment to see the light of day, Pike and Rose has become a great preview of things to come in White Flint!  When I’m out in the community, I’m most often asked when a few key restaurants are planning to open.  While updates are always available on the Pike and Rose website, here are some for you now:

La Madeleine will be opening at the corner of Grand Park Avenue and Old Georgetown Road, across the street from Del Frisco’s Grille (which is now open), in late December or early January.  Also on that block, &Pizza is coming this winter in the next wave of openings that will include Stella Barra Pizzeria and Summer House Santa Monica.  Fast casual Roti Mediterranean Grill will be coming soon, too.

Starbucks remains open, and now has a cute patio for these last few temperate days of the year.  Chipotle will also be moving to that building at the corner of Rockville Pike and Old Georgetown Road – it will open as soon as it can.

The Pike Central Farmers Market, in its temporary location at Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road, has just a couple of weeks left in their season.  Their last Saturday will be November 22nd and then they’ll feature a special pre-Thanksgiving market on Tuesday, November 25th.  We can get our winter market fix in Bethesda but Pike Central will kick back up in the spring.

Of course, the iPic Movie Theaters are already up and running with rave reviews.  I heard this week that they’ve had their strongest opening ever right here in White Flint, which is exciting news!

Amp by Strathmore, the intimate 250-seat music venue with catering by Washingtonian Magazine’s Restaurateur of the Year Michael Babin (and his Neighborhood Restaurant Group), will open for private events over the holidays.  Performances will begin later this winter.

Looking forward to seeing all of you around White Flint!

Become a Friend to Win Strathmore Tickets!

Friends of White Flint has been working for years to ensure that a built White Flint will reach its greatest possible potential. We do this by educating and engaging our community and advocating at all levels.  Our greatest asset?  Our members.

No other organization spans the entire range of stakeholders like Friends of White Flint.  All are welcome at our table – individual residents, civic/ condominium/ community organizations, businesses, property owners and developers.  This range of perspective allows us to truly advocate for the big picture – so that White Flint is great for everyone who wants to live, work and visit here.

So, JOIN FRIENDS OF WHITE FLINT and deepen your community involvement!  Membership is free for residents and on a sliding scale for other categories. Click here for more information and to join.

Membership is also annual – so, if you don’t remember joining in 2014, click here to renew!  And, here’s the exciting news…

Every member who is active on November 30th will be eligible to win two tickets in the President’s Box at Strathmore for the performance of their choice!*    

*Strathmore vouchers will be good for any performance subject to availability. Booking early offers a better choice!  Some restrictions apply. For more details on the rules and restrictions of the vouchers, email us at