Terrible news to share

Former Friends of White Flint board member Eric Grosse died last week. He was walking on the Trolley Trail and crossing Tuckerman Lane when the driver of an SUV hit and killed him.

Eric was always the first to volunteer and was incredibly dedicated to making his community more walkable, more vibrant, and more liveable.

Eric was an important part of Friends of White Flint and our community, and he will be deeply missed.

You can read more about the crash in this news article and read his obituary here.

Our testimony on the CIP Budget

This is the testimony provided to the county council last night on the County Executive’s propose capital budget for the county.

My name is Bill Carey. I’m representing the Friends of White Flint, a non-profit organization, composed of residents , businesses, and property owners who work together to transform the White Flint/Pike District/North Bethesda area into a walkable, vibrant, smart growth community.

We applaud the emphasis of the CIP budget on transit, especially its focus on the Route 355 Bus Rapid Transit line. Route 355 BRT is critical to fulfilling the vision of the 2010 sector plan. We are, however, disappointed that there is no money for bike and pedestrian improvements in North Bethesda.  Walkability and bikeability are equally important for fulfilling the sector plan’s vision.

We urge the council not to push back funding for the northern entrance of the White Flint metro station, soon to be called North Bethesda station, hat is a vital connection for the Pike District.

Finally, we ask the council to ensure that the funding for Woodward High School’s renovation remain on track so that it can open with a stadium, athletic fields, an auditorium and other essential amenities as planned.

Welcome, Bill Carey

As many of you know, Friend of White Flint’s executive director for seven years, Amy Ginsburg, is running for District 4 County Councilmember. Because that is a sixty-hour-a-week job, Friends of White Flint has pulled former board member and Strathmore executive Bill Carey from retirement to share the responsibilities of running our organization.

You can still reach Amy Ginsburg at amy.ginsburg@whiteflint.org, and you can reach Bill Carey at info@whiteflint.org.

It’s official!

Montgomery County Executive Elrich Submits Letter to WMATA Requesting White Flint Metro Station to be Renamed ‘North Bethesda Metro Station’

Last week, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich submitted a letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) requesting the renaming of the White Flint Metro Station to be named the “North Bethesda Metro Station.”

Beginning in 2020, the County collaborated in station retitling efforts with the Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, the Friends of White Flint, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, and other community leaders. A public meeting, sponsored by the above groups as well as the County Executive and the District One Councilmember Andrew Friedson, was held on March 31, 2021 where the new designation of “North Bethesda” was selected.

“The development of the North Bethesda Metro Station is not only critical to the future economic growth of Montgomery County but the entire state and region,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “Thanks to our State Delegates in Districts 16 and 18, we have secured $250,000 toward the renaming costs. In addition, the County will contribute $50,000, and there is a commitment that remaining costs will be paid by the key property owners in the immediate vicinity of this station. The choice of ‘North Bethesda’ was the consensus of this community. I expect for generations to come the name ‘North Bethesda’ will be known as an epicenter in the bio/life sciences and quantum computing industries supported by private sector companies, academics, and federal agencies developed in a 21st-century sustainable and equitable location.”

“The Metro station is crucial to the viability of this area and our community’s vision for it,” District 1 Councilmember Andrew Friedson said. “We need a Metro station that reflects that vision and helps our economic development, regional competitiveness, and placemaking efforts so the Pike District and North Bethesda becomes an even more vibrant, walkable, and livable destination.”

“The entire Montgomery County House and Senate Delegations recognize the economic potential of ‘North Bethesda.’  Rebranding the Metro station is crucial to achieving that success and we were pleased to fight to obtain that state investment,” said Marc Korman, Delegate from District 16.

In 2010, Montgomery County completed a comprehensive update to the White Flint Sector Plan. Since that time, much has changed in North Bethesda including the former White Flint Mall which was dismantled between 2017 and 2020. A key goal for the community – both residential and business – is identity; and White Flint is no longer a relevant name or term used.

“Friends of White Flint believes the name ‘North Bethesda’ honors the history of this remarkable neighborhood and heralds a spectacular future as a walkable, transit-oriented, vibrant community,” said Amy Ginsburg, executive director of Friends of White Flint.

“Renaming the Metro station has been an imperative goal of the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee to support current and future branding efforts of both the Pike District and greater North Bethesda,” said White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Chairperson Andy Shulman. “We are pleased with the consensus amongst community, government and property stakeholders around the name ‘North Bethesda’ for the station.”

You can also read the media coverage:

WTOP: Montgomery Co. executive seeks name change for White Flint Metro stop

Bethesda Beat: Elrich supports ‘North Bethesda’ as new name for White Flint Metro station

Washington Business Journal: Montgomery County looks to rename White Flint Metro station

Events this weekend at NoBe Market

Join NoBe Market this weekend for not one, but two FREE interactive and outdoor experiences on the plaza! Start your Saturday off with an Outdoor Yoga Flow with ExtendYoga followed by a Mommy + Me Movement class by My Gym Potomac featuring music for the little ones to play in a fun, physically engaging environment!

Mommy + Me

Join NoBe Market and local fitness center for kids, My Gym Potomac on May 15th for an outdoor Mommy + Me Movement and Music class! Gather your little ones for a class filled with exciting outdoor activities on the plaza! This class is suited for little ones from ages three to six years old with other ages welcome when accompanied by parent support. My Gym Potomac will guide you and your rascals through an hour full of movement and music in a fun, physically engaging environment! This space is safe for children to feel supported when participating and leaving with a smile on their faces ready for nap time. Learn more by clicking here.

Outdoor Yoga

Join Extend Yoga to kick off our popular Outdoor Yoga Series on the plaza on May 15th at 9:00am! Focus on linking conscious breath while awakening your strength, energy, and flexibility in a FREE* 50min yoga flow! This class welcomes all levels from non-yogis to advanced yogis. Learn more by clicking here.

Tomorrow night – Community Kickoff Meeting for the Pike District Connector

Wednesday, April 28, 7-8 pm

Join the Montgomery County Planning Department and Friends of White Flint for a community kickoff meeting for the Pike District Connector on April 28 (7-8 pm). The Connector is a temporary, one-mile pathway on the west side of the Pike District that will link the Bethesda Trolley Trail to the Montrose Parkway Trail. As part of this project, the Better Block Foundation will activate hubs at several intersections along the Connector with seating, artistic elements, and planters. Better Block is a nonprofit that educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. The Planning Department previously worked with Better Block for the White Flint Placemaking Event in 2018 and the Burtonsville Placemaking Festival in 2019.

Please register in advance (https://montgomeryplanning.org/events/pike-district-connector-community-kickoff-meeting/), a meeting link will be shared the day of the event.