We Like Meetings So Much We’re Having Another

The Board of Directors of Friends of White Flint met last night to discuss the future of the organization; several other members of the community also attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss proposals that FoWF join with or evolve into some other organization or entity; some of the proposed organizations included Business Improvement Districts, Urban Districts, the B-CC Chamber of Commerce, or one of the various County advisory groups. The group also discussed proposals to revise and improve FoWF’s web portals, including the FLOG.
The consensus of the group (indeed, unanimity) was that FoWF should not join with a County or other entity. The group wants FoWF to stay an independent voice joining the three major segments of the White Flint community: residents, businesses and property owners.
At the same time, the group recognized that FoWF cannot continue the level of activity it had during the development and enactment of the White Flint Sector Plan without adding staff, which, of course, requires adding more funds. The same is true of the web portals, which require more attention than our volunteer staff can give.
It was a very active discussion, lasting two hours. This discussion was, however, too significant and large to be completed last night.
The Board decided to hold another meeting to continue these discussions. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2011, beginning at 6PM, at the offices of Federal Realty, 1626 E. Jefferson St., Rockville.
The meeting, like all FoWF meetings, will be open to the public. You do not need to be on the Board to actively participate in the meeting. I encourage everyone to attend and participate.
Barnaby Zall

What Would YOU Do?

With the approval of the White Flint Sector Plan and the first, tentative steps on the long path to a walkable, sustainable, transit-oriented community, the Friends of White Flint Board of Directors has decided to revamp its on-line offerings.

Friends of White Flint’s main goal is to provide information to the White Flint community. FoWF offers several web-sites, including the FLOG (what you’re reading now), a main site, and special sites for White Flint Town Hall meetings. Hundreds of people visit these sites every day, with just about 50,000 “page views” each month on average. FoWF policy presentations are generally offered for public comment on one or more of these sites, and usually attract hundreds of readers and dozens of (mostly helpful) comments.


Some of these changes are driven by unfortunate security concerns, but the Board wants to provide more information to the community about the ongoing revitalization of White Flint.  We will likely reduce the amount of information about the White Flint Sector Plan development and approval process (which provides interesting historical background, but we have limited space on-line).

Some of our design concepts include a gallery of proposed projects, including those in the “sketch plan” process of public outreach and comment, a listing of meetings and events, and a description of the existing and planned White Flint.

What would YOU like to see on the FoWF site?

  • Community bulletin boards/discussion groups?
  • More pictures and photo essays?
  • Business directories?
  • Ads for local businesses and organizations?
  • Maps?
  • Videos?
  • “Tags” or more structure on the FLOG?
  • Anything else?

Please let us know, by sending an e-mail to BZall@friendsofwhiteflint.org, or by commenting here. If you are registered to comment on the FLOG already, you may click “comment” below and enter your comment. If you are NOT already registered, new security rules require you to request registration by sending an e-mail to BZall@friendsofwhiteflint.org; please include in your e-mail your full name, e-mail address, any appropriate organizational affiliation, and a “user name” to appear with your comment.

We will likely begin making changes early next year.

Thanks to all our loyal readers, and we’d love to hear from you.

Barnaby Zall