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Terrific MCEDC Resources

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Looking for something interesting to peruse on this snow day? Want to learn more about our White Flint/Pike District neighborhood? You can discover information, graphics, videos, and more at the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) website.

HQ2 Branding Video:

HQ2 Aerial Video:

White Flint Business Location Brochure:

White Flint Business Location Landing Page and One-Sheet:

Think Success: Music Center at Strathmore

White Flint video they created for Amazon:

Pike District Stats and White Flint Development Projects:

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An informative, interesting, standing-room-only community meeting

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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More than sixty people crammed into the Shriver Aquatic Center this week for our informative Community Meeting. We were grateful that Councilmember Andrew Friedson and MCDOT stopped by, and we heard interesting updates on development and the Western Workaround.

MCDOT, the County Executive’s Office, and MCEDC mentioned many websites full of information important to Pike District/White Flint residents.  As requested, here they are:

Western Workaround Updates  Twitter #WhiteFlintWest

New Arrowwood Apartments near Harris Teeter

Grand Park Proposed Development on Old Georgetown Road

Wall Park Redesign

Safe Routes to School

Montgomery County Economic Development
Amazon Video on White Flint
White Flint Information
White Flint One-Pager
White Flint Redevelopment Projects Brochure

White Flint 1 Sector Plan

White Flint 2 Sector Plan

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Fascinating Report on Montgomery County Demographic and Economic Trends

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg

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Now, I’m not usually one who dives deep into numbers … or even someone who wades in the shallow end of numbers. But the just released report from Montgomery Planning entitled Montgomery County Trends A Look at People, Housing and Jobs Since 1990 is an utterly fascinating look at the people and economy of Montgomery County.…

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Winter Beer Garden Saturday, February 9

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You won’t want to miss The RCA Winter Beer Garden held at the RCA Civic Green at Randolph Hills Shopping Center, Saturday, February 9th, 3pm to 8pm.

During October’s Placemaking Festival, the RCA was approached by True Respite Brewing Company to partner with them on a winter beer garden festival. The RCA board were enthusiastic about making this idea a reality.…

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White Flint Placemaking Festival

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The Montgomery County Planning Department is collaborating with the Better Block Foundation, a Dallas-based non-profit, to host a community-led placemaking event at the Randolph Hills Shopping Center in Fall 2018.  This Better Block event aims to bring together residents, local business owners, parents, teachers and students of nearby schools, and representatives of civic associations for a community-oriented placemaking event.…

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