La Madeleine Closed, but not for long

La Madeleine in Mid-Pike Plaza is now closed.  But, don’t fret, this community staple will return soon as part of Pike & Rose’s first phase.  Starting this fall, you’ll find La Madeleine in Block 12 (PerSei) of Pike & Rose.  Chipotle is also moving to Block 13, around the corner from Starbucks and Bank of America. You’ll recall that this structure will remain standing for foreseeable future with a new facade to align with the new buildings.

These were the last remaining businesses at Mid-Pike Plaza, so expect that strip mall to come down by this summer as Federal Realty prepares for Phase 2 of the project.   More on this to come soon!

 Site plan showing the new streets and blocks at Pike + Rose.


Designated Bike Lanes May Help Local Businesses Thrive

Creating a safe and secure biking infrastructure in White Flint is essential to our mission in promoting a sustainable and walkable community. One of the best ways to ensure residents will feel safe enough to bike is to design and implement protected bike lanes, which are an important part of the White Flint Sector Plan. Indeed, we know these bike lanes will help cyclists but how will these bike lanes help those who do not travel by bicycle? Or will it even benefit them at all? These are often the questions community developers and practitioners ask when redeveloping cities and urban areas.  Amelia Taylor-Hochberg in her recent Archinect article discussed a report was completed by PeopleForBikes and Alliance for Biking & Walking, that researched cities with protected bike lanes. The report found that cites have started to see positive benefits for local economies and businesses because of these designated bike lanes.

As cities and urban areas become more dense with buildings, including residential and retail space, as well as people, they need to figure out a way to transport people that will use less space. Many of the cities found that “cycling infrastructure is the most efficient way to get more people around in less space.” Bicycling can also help to reduce traffic. If a city has designated bike lanes, we know more people are willing to use bikes as their means for travel, causing less cars to be on the roads. So how can bicycling help local businesses? Well those who bike to complete errands or daily activities, are more likely to stop at businesses or retailers more often (a reason for creating mixed-used properties that provide various goods and services in one area). This trend ultimately creates more spending, boosting the local economy. And an added bonus, local businesses will need less available parking spaces.

If bike lanes can help local businesses thrive, then those who do not necessarily bike will see positive change for their community or even themselves (if they are business owners). In White Flint, we hope that the designated bike lanes soon to be implemented will help our local businesses thrive too.


Celebrate Valentine’s Early at Paladar Latin Kitchen


From our friends at Paladar Latin Kitchen:

Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar

WPFW 89.3 AM’s own Robyn Holden and Carol Tyson will be broadcasting live from Paladar on Friday, February 7th from 7-10pm. Joining them will be special guest, Jim Byers, from the Latin Flavor.

But, wait – that’s not all!
The talented Laura Sosa & Pa’ Gozar Latin jazz band are providing musical entertainment from 7:30 – 8:30 while Ron Abuelo shares complimentary rum samples. (Click here for a sample track.)
There is no admission cost to this event, and our happy hour drink and food menu is available throughout the evening in the bar area.

Early reservations are available between 7 and 7:30pm and again beginning at 9pm. We are expecting a full crowd, so reservations are highly encouraged.
Please give us a call at (301) 816-1100 or you can make a reservation online.