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Why Taking Transit Makes A Bigger Difference Than Changing a Lightbulb

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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I came across an interesting chart this evening. It was produced by the American Public Transit Association,, and it shows that taking public transit makes a lot more difference in your own personal carbon emissions “footprint” than anything else you can do:

APTA Savings Chart

The chart is from 2008, but I think the numbers are still good.…

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New Red Line Metro Stop – Why?

Posted on by Waterford

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I was reading today about a MoCo Councilmember’s proposal to put a new metro station between White Flint and Grosvenor, at a cost of $250-$300 million, and I can’t help ask the inevitable question; Why??? You can read about the proposal in several news articles, including this one:

The Councilmember’s argument is the following: “A new stop would serve a very important purpose, particularly given the growth that is expected in that area as we redo White Flint from a strip mall on steroids to a new urbanism model.”I just don’t see how adding a new metro station ½ a mile away from an existing station would help relieve transit.…

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